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    Retina iPad Display Hacked Into PC Monitor

    Look at what this brave braniac managed to accomplish ! Full story here...
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    PSP 3000 Console Availability

    Hey Hey My Nephew has a PSP 3000, it is his friend's birthday and he really wants one too as a present from his parents. However none can be found. There are Vitas and E1000s and a few GOs but no stock of PSP 3000s. Ster Kinekor have replied that the E1000 is the current model, the 3000 is the...
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    Opera Browser Default Bookmarks

    I never noticed this before, a new installation of latest Opera browser, and it comes with the following bookmarks; Well well well. :p
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    MacBook Pro Boot Drive

    Hey Hey On a couple of MacBook Pros, the optical drives have been replaced by 750GB HDDs and the original 5400rpm HDDs replaced by SSDs. The SSDs were installed 1st, and then a while later the optical drives were replaced by HDD caddies and the 7200rpm HDDs. All is hunky dory except for the...
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    Thermal Transfer Pads

    Hey all Anyone have any idea if there is a place in Cape Town that sells these ? Laptop workstations cooking and these need to be replaced ASAP. Have found XBox type replacements online... would these be the same thing ?? All advice and feedback much appreciated.
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    iPhone 5 vs GSIII vs Blender

    Eish... /shield cerebus's eyes
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Well... at the moment AES and the manual channel selection and the MTU peg seem to have sorted the iDevices... it just means the wii and PSP that cannot do WPA2 AES / mixed mode remain unconnected... no big issue now that the school holidays are over. At the very least there is for me a working...
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Hey hey Indeed... but to keep the PSP and wii happy with the router as well as other devices connected mixed mode WPA/WPA2 AES can be troublesome ... and so far only the iDevices since OS6 update have had connection issues. It all worked... then it did not. A new superduper router would...
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Ya Ook... Wifi much better... still drops on the iPad but now reconnects in one or two attempts. Before it would not reconnect at all. IPhone seems hundreds with encryption change... all other devices no problems.
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    AES has seemed to have fixed the iOS6 iPad issues ! Thanx OOk!!
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    /Off topic WRT porn stoppage... safe search strict for the googles, some router level domain block and an ever alert ear ! For the rooted android a host file with advertising / porn / casino etc blocked. The iPad is my brother's, unjailbroken, so I know not what he has enabled / disabled...
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    So far so good... no howls of disconnect from the kids youtubing yet... I am sure that as soon as there is a disconnect, ooooh yes, I will be subtly alerted. EDIT: Just as an aside... I switched to my free 1GB Afrihost account this morning for a comparative speed test, and left it on this...
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Aaargh... it WAS AES here but then I changed it when the iDevices began to wobble and my router fiddling started. Ta OOk. Will see if iPad plays nicely today on AES.
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Arggh... no luck. Spoke too soon. iPad will not connect to router at all now. Router rebooted... iPad connection redone. No go. nada. nothing. iPhone 4 still OK, just iPad. Oh well... ho hum. /trawls boxes for old D-Link /finds Intellinet without PSU /curses
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    Post all your iOS6 issues here

    Uhm, yo', you talkin' to me or the iPhone5 camera lens bro' ??