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    essshh having issues myself - anyone have some choice contacts ? plse send and PM if you have plse ?
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    seems daily :-( and only recently
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    @Frogfoot Fibre been a few days now Thank you so much for your time and patience, Ref Fault #52995 Fault has been logged with URGENCY, ETR is up to 48 working hours depending on the nature of the problem. A technician will contact you to arrange an appointment should they need to come to your...
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    Company recommendations for bespoke software / application?

    we have an inhouse mashup which works very well - drop me a line and lets chat
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    Virtuemart web developer

    Yup can assist done loads of work in Jooomla and wordpress
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    Sage Accounting One the worst service provider in SA

    Guys any one done a conversion to quickbooks from sageone ?
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    Amobia Reviews

    hey guys - in PLZ PE and Telkom fluctuates so bad it's completely unstable. looking at herotel or amobia - 15 / 20 mb package ? any recommendations - up on the hill in PE Parkside way - would a dish help to improve Telkom ?
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    Experian SA CEO says it was not hacked; rather, a clever criminal convinced it to provide the data

    make sense - surely it is concerning the action took over 2 months to remedy?
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    Experian SA CEO says it was not hacked; rather, a clever criminal convinced it to provide the data

    Would it not be better to agree it was a hack? Rather than saying they were conned? and the illegally shared the information to a customer of their entire database ? not sure which is even worse
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    nope they are all in ZACR - domains only - hosting in various vps
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    hmmmm ok seems i need to go this way - plse tell me i dont need to set up all 500 domains manually ?
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    generally for client management for domains and service sales etc, Cloud for Google is for a client we have provisioned over 75% of our platform in the hetzner cloud however have some clients that must have SA presence hence the other question :) Just grates me to pay annually for add ons...
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    hey appreciate the response and hear you - however for a dev company owning the whole bang shoot and doing dev on the platform has legs and a future - hear what you say will investigate that again thanx
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    Google cloud

    completely agree - hosting with hetzner Germany and so far so good , been a few years - wish Xneelo would bring the tech in. Clients wants data dominion in SA hence the investigation