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    Eskom to suspend Stage 2 load-shedding tonight

    I don't think this is some galaxy brain conspiracy. It just shows the real state of Eskom which is that it runs on a wing and a prayer and just bumbles between crises without agency. This afternoon the Eskom chaplins went all out, the machine gods smiled upon us, the units came alive, and we...
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    OLED vs QLED – Choosing the right display technology for gaming

    Think it has much less to do with the brightness of the game/image, and far more to do with the brightness of the room. Especially with something like "spotting your enemies", that depends more on contrast than overall brightness. Hard to beat QLED in a sunny lounge, especially when watching...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    I might be slow to notice this, but has the Frogfoot Double Up promotion ended with Cool Ideas? I see I'm back down to my normal 200mbps speed on either or MyBroadbands speed test. (Although I see an advert on the side of this page from Frogfoot about "Enjoy double the Fibre for...
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    Vodacom set to launch satellite-based mobile network in 2023

    If this works having 100% area coverage of a country via a provider-of-last-resort would be great (rather than the current bullshittier stat of 99.74% "population" coverage). I'm sure would also help with future tower planning, when they can see there is increasing usage in an area but no...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Is there a problem with routing to CloudFlare at the moment? On Frogfoot in Cape Town.
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    Credit rating nightmare for Cell C subscriber

    This customer can take the small consolation that they still have a better credit rating than Cell C.
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    FNB blocks customer credit cards without warning

    New BrandsEye index reveals the best and worst banks in South Africa Discovery is really holding thumbs for FNB here.
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    New Apple MacBook Pro and Air – Pricing for South Africa

    I've done a custom order for a MBP through iStore in 2012 and then again in 2019. Both times took 6 weeks.
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    Why South Africa is changing its plug standard

    Surely we aren't that committed to the transition that we can't just call the whole thing off? What percentage of homes have these new plugs, vs how many existing homes will still be inconvenienced by the transition. Wouldn't it still be a win to get out of this while we can?
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    Watch GT 2e vs Watch Series 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 - The best smartwatches in South Africa

    Having a sensor that is unavailable to use is worth as much as it not existing at all. Listing it as a feature is just misleading when the article is directed at South African buyers.
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    Watch GT 2e vs Watch Series 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 - The best smartwatches in South Africa

    Not really fair to include "Blood oxygen sensor (Sp02)" for the Galaxy Watch 3, when that functionality is disabled in South Africa.
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    South Africa's mobile networks, ranked

    Is there any way we can see this broken down by time of day? Some of these networks may be worse in the evenings (important for home users) vs in the day (important for mobile/business users).
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    Any Arduino gurus here - Pls help?

    Are you sure you're supposed to send 09 for Tab? That's the ASCII code for Tab, but you probably need the scan code. i.e. KEY_TAB or 179
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Not your router, no worries, and changed my configuration to stop it happening again. While as a customer I like the theory of "just plug into the ONT and you get an IP address", if I was having to run a network with these kinds of surprise configuration changes I would 100% want PPPoE everywhere.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    I thought my Internet was having a problem now, but was instead some DHCP Server that had activated on the Frogfoot WAN connection. It gave a Primary DNS that then took priority over my PPPoE connection and sent all requests to an invalid IP.