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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I think I'm reaching my tolerance threshold of jumping through Discovery hoops to fill rings. When I was doing tricks for Health points, I could justify that it was a win-win with me getting more exercise, but the ones on the Money side break that illusion. Now I have to do a whole lot more...
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    Zuckerberg wants more tech regulation

    Mark Zuckerbergs problem lies in being a massive *******, and unfortunately you can't regulate assholery away. c.f. banks. At best you move him from chaotic evil to lawful evil.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    Yup, not working from Cape Town.
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    Load-shedding is likely this weekend - Eskom

    But they seemed so proud of their three consecutive days of no load shedding.
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    Smart water heating could help in South Africa’s energy crisis

    This makes sense if there is an off-peak surplus, which would benefit from shifting around the load. However, we're in a situation where we have load shedding at 2 am, so there already isn't enough capacity at that time to supply power and replenish the pumped storage. Adding extra geyser...
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    Virgin Active can give members a written warning for "training" their friends

    Well at least they're direct about it. Companies normally want to try and hide this entirely behind a it's-for-your-own-good type messaging, and even though they did start with the "for the safety of our members" at least it quickly got down to brass tacks. I'm eagerly looking forward to them...
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    IT salaries – SA vs the UK

    Don't think there's any difference in the system, the SA table just includes the pre-calculated total tax values from the previous marginal tax bands.
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    The serious Windows piracy problem in South Africa

    Good work everyone, keep it up. Can't be sending those dollars to Microsoft when we need to give them to Eskom to squander.
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    Plug type for S. A

    EU plug is closest and there are plentiful adapters available. UK/US/AU plugs would be much more of a pain.
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    The top 3 TVs you can buy in South Africa right now

    Why would one get the LG C8 when one can get the C9 for very similar pricing? Especially if you have any interest in gaming, the benefits of HDMI 2.1 with 120Hz/Variable Refresh Rate are absolutely worth it.
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    Eskom gets R6-billion loan for massive battery system

    Lets be fair to Eskom, people seem to be ignoring the total capacity (MWh) and just focusing on the peak load (MW). The waste will come later on when they blow past their initial budget and need to be bailed out to 2x the original cost, but on paper this is fine. The South African one is a...
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    How to check you are getting the cheapest deal on Vox

    What a terrible practice, just straight up anti-consumer. I would hate a world where everything acts like insurance, where every year you'd need to contact all the companies you interact with to stop them from automatically screwing you. "Would you like to pay more than is necessary? No? Very...
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    Makro launches WhatsApp bot

    Ugh. Well I'm sure the greatest messenger platform, Telegram, would support something like ordered messages.
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    Makro launches WhatsApp bot

    Wonder why the Welcome message and Menu message are in the wrong order in the screenshot.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 2

    You thought you were joining a community, but it acts a bit more like a cult. Looks pretty similar from the outside with generally cheerful and enthusiastic people sharing their Cool Ideas stories, but as soon as you join and start questioning the way things work or bringing any kind of valid...