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    Router Battery Backup

    I need to power a Nighthawk router and ONT and am considering either the: - Vizia UPS 12V (2400mAh) Lithium Battery Power Bank for R1399 (2 of these), or - Mecer 2000VA interactive UPS (battery lead acid 12 V/9 Ah x 2 ) for R2,399 From the reviews on the Mecer most users are only getting 2...
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    Fortnite: Pls help me with ideas for a virtual party for my son

    Hehehe. You are probably right! I will get his ideas as well - but I wish my son was a bit like yours. Mine still runs to me for every issue he has with his xbox
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    Fortnite: Pls help me with ideas for a virtual party for my son

    Hi All I'm an old gamer, but don't know much about Fortnite. My 10 year old son loves it and plays regularly with a few friends. He has his birthday coming up over the 21 day lockdown. And I was thinking of organising a 'virtual' birthday party where he can invite many other friends to join...
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    Coding: Self teach or Bootcamp?

    Yes, was thinking of going with Python also. And yes my first prize it to find a technical cofounder - we are busy looking. Prototype will be purely to test with select users/customers and iterate
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    Coding: Self teach or Bootcamp?

    Hmm thanks. Will check those out also! I found some RoR courses on Udemy for like R150 - and initially thought its too cheap too be good :j
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    Coding: Self teach or Bootcamp?

    I understand a lot of startup have used RoR, sine it allows for rapid prototyping. Have I got that wrong? My needs is not to become an expert developer, but rather just to fill a skills gap in our startup team, and until we are ready to hire developer/designer
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    Coding: Self teach or Bootcamp?

    Hi. I am working on a tech startup with some ex-colleagues (after having spent a large part of my career in corporate) We are all commercially minded and do not have a ‘technical’ co-founder (that can code); and so are looking for a technical co-founder. In the mean time (while we search for...
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    Migrating from Cool Ideas to Afrihost Pure Fibre

    Sober thinking there. I also cant complain about the 100mb CI and even with 2 power user kids (that permanently stream utubs) - me and my wife can still watch Nflix on separate TVs. Although 200mb (or even RSAWeb's 1Gbps for R95 more) just has a nice ring to it!
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    Migrating from Cool Ideas to Afrihost Pure Fibre

    Pls keep us informed when migration done - about AH service. I have a 100meg line with CI - and considering switching to 200meg AH if the service is on par.
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    Synch outlook calendar on desktop with iPhone calendar

    Hi. (Can’t seem to get advice from my ISP, WebAfrica) I use webafrica as ISP and have a webafrica email address, which I successfully setup on Outlook (my desktop pc) and then also set it up on my iPhone. I used the iphones native email app, under settings-> mail,contacts,calendar->add...
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    Which trading platform offers the best Analyst Reports?

    Hi. Anyone knows which trading platform offers the best analyst reports/research? I have always only used Standard Bank online trading (their analyst reports are not great, too short and not much analysis) and I also use Absa share trading platform (they don't offer any analyst reports)...
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    Good time to buy a house?

    The choice to buy a house is mainly dependent on your need (why do you need the house?). If it is as an investment property (then many of the factors discussed above may be relevant such as outlook for house price growth vs rental inflation, interest rate growth, demand for rentals and rental...
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    2017 Rugby Championship

    Yup transformation has destroyed our game. We will never ever be a force in rugby because now we cannot make tackles, make correct decisions, catch/carry the ball, make our set plays
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    Official Rugby World Cup 2015 Thread

    Just watching the Boks game again from the time they waited to enter the field and during the anthem. There is no sense of urgency, nervousness, praying, sweating...nothing. Jean, Burger, Matfield looked as calm as can be, strolling onto the field like its a Sunday afternoon...time to bash the...