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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    Easy to fix, just set the app up that only the steps sync and not the exercise
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    Cancelled my MSA. How much will I be taxed on the refund?

    It is not taxable income so no income tax payable. Another way to look at it is that you did not get a tax deduction on the premiums you paid to the medical scheme that funded the MSA portion, therefore the refund when you cancel the MSA will not be taxed.
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    Moving pension funds from Allan Gray to Discovery

    You are not comparing apples with apples
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    @RocketNet-Rep I see my IP resently changed from 45.222.24.xx to 45.222.29.xx Did you change anything on your side ? Only noticed this because I could not access my DVR or my NAS remotely
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    Rocketnet - feedback?

    Definitely an issue with your connection. Here is speed test to the same server taken on phone over wifi also 100/100 Vumatel AE directel
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    Missed the "/ cell" part !!. Problem is that the 12V is the total while the watts is per cell, so the formula used is incorrect. Google search reveals that it is 8.5ah.
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    The numbers of watts is equal to amps multiplied by volts. Volts = 12 Watts = 45 Amps = 45 / 12 = 3.75 I did the calc while typing the original response in my head, therefore rounded to 4
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    UPS Battery Replacement Question

    It should work. The old batteries where 4Ah, so the new ones will last longer BUT check that the UPS is strong enough to charge the to 100%
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    Opinions on Mecer Inverter

    You can by a 600W pure sine wave UPS plus two 105Ah batteries for a lower price than the mercer unit and batteries (which is modified sine wave). If you want to use the UPS to supply power for the entire time that Eskom is down there is no use in baying anything above 600w (it is a different...
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    UPS to power vumatel fibre

    Its a Mercer 1000VA. Got it for R999 a few years ago.
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    UPS to power vumatel fibre

    I use a 1000VA modified sine wave UPS with a 7Ah battery to power CPE and router. Will hold power for 4 hours before is shuts down. Charges quickly (battery is fully charged again after about 4hours). On Vumatel trenched though. I am thinking of adding a 2nd battery so that i can add DVR and...
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    Vumatel outage ?

    No problems here either, in Durbanville Vumatel. I am on the POP in Goedemoed. It does have a rather large alternative power supply, which seems to be doing its work nicely. CPE, routers and other electronics all on UPS, so technically I am never down and therefore don't need IP assigned to me...
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    Fibre and Load Shedding

    Being load shed for 2nd time today. FFS. At least internet is up ( Vumatel) during load shedding. Something to keep kids busy. UPS doing its thing
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    Android 9 does not support call recording

    I am on Android 9 and have no problem with my call recorder. Works perfectly.