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  • Lo m8, need a reserve for tonight are you able to play or can I look into replacing your reserve spot with another

    regards worf
    Thank you!

    " 1. He found dogs chasing his cattle so he moved them to a safe pen , out of the field and away from the dogs. Thats proactive management for those who don't see it.
    2. He then came back when his cattle were being attacked, in a closed off pen, with from what he says no gaps. The dog had to jump or dig to get in.
    3. He did not shoot the animal when he saw it attacking his cattle but approached and tried to get the dog to leave.
    4. The dog then attacked him and his son and he THEN shot the animal.
    5. This was not the first time that this type of thing happened and it was the same neighbor."

    I have two new heroes in live - look at SystemSchock to find the other one!

    Thanks again

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