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    A more specific "Which ISP should I choose"

    What does latency look like to SGIX and HKIX via safe from a gaming perspective. I can live with sub-200ms for something like pubg and would open up a massive community to me.
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    A more specific "Which ISP should I choose"

    No packet loss at all, just poor download speeds (uploads are always 90+) and I'm not routed via JHB hence the 3ms to Mybb CPT speedtest server. As for the LinkAfrica thing, I would like to believe that the different ISP's all use their own different breakout internationally (be it on the same...
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    A more specific "Which ISP should I choose"

    Hi, I'm currently have 100/100 Axxess/Frogfoot account, I can't really complain except for the international throughput of late (never more than 40Mbps down but 90+Mbps for upload). I'm located in Cape Town (openserve and frogfoot fibre available) and latency is great to europe, 150ms to...
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    Axxess Capped speed improvement?

    Everything is still looking great, I have picked up that SAIX Cape Town speedtest servers can't take the punch during peak hours. But if I test to any other speedtest server it is perfect