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  • Hi,
    I gave the exact same DLink modem and the exact same problem, i see you had a post about it, do you know what the fix is sir?
    I was wondering if you could send me the link to download NDrive for android as i cannot seem to get the rapidshare links found on other forums to work.


    Ok as I mentioned I downloaded it off the "free" app forum. It was shared by someone who also believes "open source" should be free.
    If u want I can send u the link. The install was fairly simple:

    1) download and copy the .apk file to your SD card
    2) download and copy the maps to your SD card
    3) Click the .apk to install program
    4) Use the supplied keygen tool to generate a serial. Insert serial into program
    5) Once this is done NDrive will pick up your maps off your SD card
    6) Load the maps and away you go.
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