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  • Hi Latro

    I know this is random, but could you please assist me with information 'bout purchasing from Esquire?

    I sent my details to the Esquire account linked the MyBB forums, but no reply.

    Could you kindly give me some advice as to how the process of ordering with a COD works?

    I know how to get the price list. I also know that you have to place the order by phone using the product code. What happens next? When you go to collect the goods, Do they ask you for pin, account number, the company you work for? What type of information does esquire require from me when I come and collect with a COD account.

    I know a buddy of mine that uses someone else's account, but it seems these guys keep this sorta thing to themselves. Ya so even buddies won't help me here lol.

    Jacques aka stagedrabbit
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