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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    I currently have an FNB account that I use solely for Paypal, but would Tymebank be a better option instead? I checked their website and it mentions online transactions (local) carry a R3 fee, but I don't see mention of anything related to international transactions or Paypal. What are the...
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    Taco Bell - in SA

    Too many people complain about Taco Bell not being authentic Mexican food. I mean yeah obviously but that's an irrelevant point. It's cheap food that tastes ****ing good and that's all that matters really. This country has a ton of burger and chicken franchises already. Taco Bell would be a...
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    I got a couple R250 off R550, and only one R300 off R700. Seems like the latter are much rarer.
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    The rooster is the only good one.
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    I haven't checked these threads since last year. Is Takealot still doing the "R250 off R550" format or have they changed it up a bit? Are vouchers still being sent to new accounts via email every so often, or is this also changed? What's the schedule like? Thanks
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    Demon Slayer Movie releasing in cinemas locally on April 9th

    Saw the movie last week. It was pretty good.
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    Altcoins 2021

    Yeah don't buy egg. Only invest long term in tokens that have an actual use-case, and after doing your own research.
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    Altcoins 2021

    Cardano and Egg
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    Anybody watching BakeryToken ?

    I started nesting my eggs on Goose Finance recently. Returns are amazing but risky since they are new. DYOR
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    Bitcoin Thread

    I recommend using an international exchange like Binance. Binance is the largest exchange in the world so you don't have to worry about low liquidity issues. They also offer a greater selection than South African exchanges which means you'd be ahead of the game in buying crypto at lower prices...
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    Bitcoin Thread

    I would put that into Cardano, currently the 6th largest coin by market cap. Coinbase's listing is coming soon (largest exchange in America) and Goguen mainnet is an upcoming Cardano project set to release in Q2 of this year which will allow smart contracts to run on top of the Cardano...
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    Dogecoin blowing the F up.

    I use Binance. Refer to a post I made here for more info:
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    bitcoin/alt purchases

    Pornhub accepts Doge
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    Dogecoin blowing the F up.