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  • Meh, I dunno, I know I passed Mechanics/applied maths, simply because there's no sub-minimum with the exams, and so I had 53% walking into the exam :p.

    But, Fingers are crossed!
    Ha ha, yeah, i'm looking around for a job too... home and going out get boring after a while :p.

    Meh, I'm getting pretty nervous for friday though (marks getting released). So I suppose that's gonna be a fun little endeavor, but GOLDFISH ON SATURDAY! I'm keen for that :D. ha ha.

    Although hey, it is weird having my brain do literally nothing ha ha. Although, I'm sure there's been many-a-boy that's been occupying your time ;).

    But, again, stay safe the resident sexy foxy, and keep well :). Chat soon though :)
    How the holidays going lilith, the resident fox :). ha ha. Hope you've been partying it up dude! Keep well, use protection, and remember, there's never a bad time to party (unless it's a friends funeral).
    Just saw your message now! Thanks!

    Can't really say "enjoy exams" but good luck for them! And what I can say is enjoy your holiday! Get drunk, get stoned, get an s.t.d, get all three. Its up to you, just enjoy it :D
    Thanks for the message!

    I hope you study as well! I'm sure you'll do very well in exams.

    Stay strong - whenever you get de-motivated, just think of the long, long holiday!
    Lilith, just came to put some awesomeness on your profile :), so here I am writing on it ;).

    I haven't really been studying intensively, but such is life! I hope you start studying soon, but I'm quite certain that you know how hard to work by now, so I trust you know what do to best.

    Anyways, keep well, stay away from trouble, and more importantly, stay awesome ;)
    blast, knew it :(. well, at least now we can be friends :), if you can keep your hands off me (however, i think the 1000km's between us will sort that problem out quick ;) )
    Well, firstly, It would be nice putting a face behind the personality, you know, that way I can decide if you're a minga or do-able ... That way I can decide to be friends or friends..... ha ha ha (BTW, I'm just saying what every other guys is thinking, so I might be a pig, but I'm the honest one here . ).

    I'm also elated that you've caught onto my attractiveness... I've always wondered what parents do when they realise they have a smart, attractive, social, and happy child... So I asked mine . ha ha ha.
    ha ha, no worries :). Just figured it would be a nice gesture. ha ha. Perhaps you should add me on facebook, I already have Just_ice and Chris there :p
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