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  • Linodude! It's a birthday! Happy happy. I'll take you out for a drink to celebrate a bit belatedly soon :)
    Good Evening Linoman.

    How are you doing long-time no chat man you are very popular here with so many fantastic friends :p
    Hey buddy,

    Getting all my large-follower-base buddies on twitter to punt your cause. Hopefully your follower base or #kickcancerinthepanty will grow substantially.

    I'll try get hold of you later to get more info for a base site where people can get the background story.

    Keep it steady big guy!


    RE: Need new IT supplier for company

    I know of a great IT company called IT Maintenance Cape. You can get hold of them by cell, Gus 082 4959398, or email,
    Office nr is 021 910 1995.
    Hey linoman.
    I read the thread you posted on the email you received from afrihost regarding the "illegal content".
    I also got one of those emails today. Must say I almost p...ed my pants, but any how, I just want to know what you did regarding the email. (and if you're in jail or got sued or something lol!)

    I guess we are the lucky ones! :D
    It's a good thing I signed up for a prepaid account from WA a week before!
    I'm doing pretty good! And hell yeah, I'm ready! Just tell me where and when and your dry days are numbered! :D Besides, summer's here, think we should invade v3g's place again! :p
    I was laid to rest for a while :p I am coming to haunt you :P
    Congratulations mates!!!! I wanna get married can you organize me a wife :p dude if you on skype invite me :)
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