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    Why a R22 million 100-metre tall flag is important for South Africa: Ramaphosa

    What is this bra playing Sid Meier’s Civilization or something? “The promotion of national symbols and the construction of monuments are important for building a common identity and advancing national unity,” he said.
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    Just an ordinary South African horror story [Opinion]

    I felt really sad when reading this. Will things ever get any better?
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    Fall Guys Coming to PS5 and Xbox for free

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    Chasing a dream: Homeless man on a mission to complete his master's degree

    The ANC is giving every household a whopping 10Gigs of free data! Oh wait, household. Sorry.
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    10GB free data for every household in South Africa - but only by 1 April 2025

    More lip service built on fairytales and fantasy.
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    Yo, what do you play on?
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    NEW giveaway - R1000 up for grabs - Enter here

    Become a better trader learn with free, interactive courses on IG Academy!
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    Driver licence grace period deadline won’t be extended: Mbalula

    Good thing I got my motorcycle licence last week before the end of this extension. My learners expired the end of may 2021 lol. :cool:
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    Anyone ever ordered anything from FC-Moto before?

    Thanks for the update bud, keep us posted....excuse the pun. :X3:
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    Anyone ever ordered anything from FC-Moto before?

    Hey there, did the helmet arrive? Did you have to pay any duties or tax on it? I am also interested in purchasing from them. Thanks for your feedback.
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    New online car licence renewal system launched in South Africa – how it works

    Lol all provinces have access to this new system except the Western Cape? Why now?
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    Will Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard be good for gamers?

    Why would it be bad for the industry?