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    You are going to pay for Eskom

    No, no no, lets burn down some transformers and generating facilities instead. That will sort things out.
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    Idle electricity usage.

    Problem with those is the sun bakes lines into your clothes if you don't take it down within an hour or two. I have a bunch of t-shirts where thats happened.
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    Idle electricity usage.

    I get by on 1-2 kw a day, all of which is fed from solar and batteries anyway, so zero cost to me. Solar Geyser, so hot water incurs no electricity usage, even in winter. Cooking is LPG, so again no electricity. Fridge Freezer uses < 1kw day Lighting, laptop and wifi < 1kw Garage motor...
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    Homeloan Interest Rates

    Until the government reneges and steals your property, without compensation. Now isn't the time to buy in SA.
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    Eskom might be "too big to support" - Expert

    Split up generation and transmission. Prioritize paying customers. Stop exporting excess to other countries unless they pay. Allow muni's and other 3rd parties to implement their own generation. Some generation - eg Renewables can be in place in low month timeframes.
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    France will block Huawei from using 5G location data

    Why would that even matter? Its not like anyone supplying equipment gives a **** about what data it collects - thats for the network to use, not the hardware supplier. Not something relevant at all imho.
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    Uncapped Telkom LTE for R899

    So the big deal is that Telkom uncapped is now throttled, and has gone up R100 a month. I think i'll stick to RAIN
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    Judgment: Electricity Service Charges & Resellers mark-ups are Illegal

    You need to get out more then. There are a good number of cases where the BC is being billed as an entity, and the units are being billed at the highest rate, as its all lumped together. eg -
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    VIDEO: Locked up overnight after taking selfies on Sea Point promenade

    There are 2 sides to every story. Maybe the cops had good reason to arrest her?
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    Judgment: Electricity Service Charges & Resellers mark-ups are Illegal

    Wonder if it would be ok to sue the muni's then. They continually get Sectional Title billing incorrect and bill at the highest rates for a lot of blocks.
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    Hijacked and burnt alive: Witsand murder shocks Cape Town surfers

    Don't forget the rock throwers at Redhill, and the squatter camp starting up above the freeway at Blackhill behind Capri.
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    Hijacked and burnt alive: Witsand murder shocks Cape Town surfers

    Wasn't Masi this time, it was OV, nice theory though.
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    Huawei's Plan B - Prepared for anything

    Should be, assuming they run Android. Android runs fine on MIPS, x86 and ARM., as well as RISC (I think). Hmm, looks like I'm wrong - MIPS Android support has been deprecated. Guess not, the only ABI's now are the arm and x64 variants.
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    Huawei's Plan B - Prepared for anything

    There are other options - eg MIPS They are *heavily* invested in ARM cores though, so would be very hard to change.
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    Teaching English abroad without a degree

    Given that China and Vietnam both require a degree to teach, I would run far away from any agencies that will 'assist' you and claim otherwise. You want some free jail with that vacation*? Thats how to get some. *Vacation, as without the legal requirements for a work permit, you are going...