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    JUST IN: Government's new energy plan gazetted

    To be honest, the reason that they want to keep Koeberg running is that its cheaper than decommissioning it. We do need the generation though. The IRP is a mishmash of politically made decisions that does a crap job at any of the objectives other than sustaining the status quo (badly). In an...
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    Load-shedding could continue for the next week - Eskom

    Close to tripping.. Not enough spinning generation online...
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    Mantashe: SA will get nuclear at a cost it can afford

    Nah, we need to be going gung ho on Nuclear. Starting with the big fücking ball of nuclear fusion that we rotate around. Maybe some sort of panel that could take some of that nuclear energy, and convert it into electricity. I know we could call it a solar panel, as the sun is called sol. Any...
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    Woolworths pulls bag with apologies...

    When I first saw the photo, I thought they were pulling it because it said Australia. Or Visa were going to whine about the use of their color scheme. The old SA flag didn't come into my mind at all. It's a big leap. Good thing we don't have anything better to complain about eh.
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    Eskom warns of loadshedding today

    Hahahahaa, oh wait, you're serious? Koeberg has been running for way over its designed lifetime for years now. Everything in the reactor (with the exception of the reactor pressure vessel) needs to be replaced as its over lifetime. Was supposed to be overhauled already, but the ANC illegally...
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    Load shedding is back. Do you have solar, batteries or a generator?

    A bit of solar, and a bit of storage (10kw LFP). No Eskom. Offgrid and loving it.
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    Eskom costs taxpayers R4.5 million a day thanks to bad contracts – Report

    Still coins under the sofa in comparison to the amount they spend on diesel each month.
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    What are you paying per kWh?

    I pay zero per KW. Hint, best time to install solar panels is years ago.
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    Summer plan to keep the lights on due to lower demand

    Not much in the way of maintenance to be honest, its pretty much set and forget. Its also cost effective. Otherwise why would so many people be doing it?
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    City power swapped what?

    Easy enough to solve. Label all 3.
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    Summer plan to keep the lights on due to lower demand

    Virtually every office building that can, is or has installed Solar to mitigate the outrageous costs for electricity. Malls also. Take a look at google maps, and note the amount of solar installed now when panning over buildings. Its been a no brainer for 5+ years now.
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    Khi Solar One is CSP. CSP works best in Northern Cape. Typically a larger footprint than other Renewable provision. Land use isn't really a concern up there, although the reason CSP is there, is the insanely good solar irradiation levels.
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    The smog is caused by the coal plants. Removing those would have a bit of cause and effect one would think :p I don't think we have any 3GW coal plants - even Medupi is far smaller. Typical sizes are 100MW - 300MW. I'd actually suggest footprint could likely be smaller, especially if you...
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    Why we can’t sell Eskom’s power stations: Ramaphosa

    TLDR; They're too old, and worthless. Newer renewable generation is far cheaper. Did I get it right? Longer version (reposting something I previously wrote/commented elsewhere - ) Selling Coal...
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    New Eskom pricing could crush solar in South Africa

    Overcast is fine. I never have issues when I'm living there (which I do for a month or two a year). When I'm away everything sits there humming away. Server, and camera's running, plus the builder is using power while he's onsite for another house i'm building on the plot. My main issue is I...