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    Rain Shaping YouTube Speeds?

    Eish..My RAIN internet has been fine until i read this Youtube videos arent even loading :(
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    Avengers: Endgame - Rate the movie (Warning: Spoilers)

    Outstanding movie, it felt like it was made specifically for the fans and the payoffs were huge, i do however feel like the characters whose story came to an end were rushed, particularly Cap at the end, would have loved to see his interaction with Red Skull and just the general confusion around...
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    Iphone contracts

    "The new IPad" offered at FNB.. So I log onto online banking earlier and something tells me, checkout the tablet/smartphone section and BAM!!..the new ipad 16g wifi/4g being offered for R259 a month :wtf: only 40 bucks away from the R219 ipad 2, 16g wifi/3g.. my opinion...HELL YES to the new...
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    Ipad 3... worth it to upgrade?

    So I'm sitting here and wondering.. is it really necessary to upgrade to an ipad 3.. i mean i use my ipad 2 mostly for ebooks, browsing, and watching movies and series..and compared to an ipad 2 the only useful upgrade is the camera and graphics engine. the way I see it, the ipad 2 display is...
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    FNB updated iPad 2 Pricing

    I am Actually Glad their ipad 2 price has dropped, people dont realise that they dont need an ipad 3/new ipad. and besides, R219 a month for a 16gb wifi/3g with NO additional costs, I mean have you seen what Nashua offers for an ipad 2 contract?