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    Audi e-tron Giveaway - Win prizes worth R3,000

    Environmental friendly, and hopefully some savings on the high fuel costs!
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    The convenience of not needing to carry a bank card at all! Samsung Pay works with virtually all speed points!
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    MTN Complaints

    Hi, If you want lodge a complaint with MTN what are some of the contacts (email address) to email to, especially for Top/ Management/ Executive MTN officials. I have tried the 808 route no luck. Even the normal MTN Customercare /Service/ etc emails did not work - no feedback. Twiter - just...
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    "App Error 523" Blackberry Error 8520

    Hi, wifey's phone is displaying "App Error 523" RESET. She says it just started doing this while she was playing "Hangman". When you prees the "middle selection key" (Home key in Android) it restarts, black screen, Blackberry sign and loading. After loading you see the Voda logo, home screen...
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    2011 Nebank Golf Challenge Hospitality Package

    I have a 2011 Nedbank Golf Challenge Hospitality Package @ Sun City (I won on 702). It includes 1 night accommodation for 2 (Couple) at Cabanas Hotel incl Breakfast. Plus access to the Golf Course, VIP Suites; Fully Air-conditioned marquee; and all the bells n whistles. The problem is that...
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    Property Clearance Certificate - M&T

    Hi guys, just checking, I have been waiting for a Clearance Certificate (on a property I am buying from M&T) for quite some time now, 21 worlking days to be exact. How long does this process take anyway, is there somethingh else I can do besides just bombarding M&T Attorneys with calls and...
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    Audi A3 S/b Armrest Lid

    Hi People, I just broke my armrest lid clip, so I have to replace the entire lid which cost about R1.5 - R1.8. I there a scrapyard in around PTA West/ North that specialises with genuine Audi parts? Thanks
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    Mortgage Protection Plan Cover (Life Cover)

    Guys, just a quick question, I'm in the process of buying a property (all stuff approved and now I'm left with meeting the attorneys to register the bond). The lender gave me a quotation for the Mortgage Protection (for those not in the know, this is a life cover should anything happen to you...
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    Audi Hooter stopped working

    Hi I was driving the bride & groom over the past weekend at their wedding. I had to constantly play with the hooter (as is the tradition, blinged car, hooting non-stop, etc etc). Later on I realised that the hooter stopped working (no longer hoots). What are my options? The car has an...
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    FNB Share Investing

    Has anyone ever used FNB's Share Investing? I have opened a Share Builder account a couple of weeks ago, but havent started buying shares as yet...
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    Petrol Allownace

    I get Petrol Allowance at my company (R2.46 per KM). I joined this company late Jan this year. Shortly after that I got to use a Company Car:cool:. While I was still using my own car claining the mileages I used to make an average of 3 grand per month!!! But since I started using the car...
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    HELP: WinRAR Password

    Hey guys I zipped my files (with WinRAR) sometime ago but I have totally forgotten the password. How can I retrieve them. Thanks
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    Just turned Grandma.... Yay!!

    ... and it's on my birthday!
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    Happy Birthday to ME (MAELLY)!!!

    Just wanted to wish myself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I only slept at around 2am. Wifey forgot to wish me a happy birthday (midnight & she is yet to do so even by now, so I was (still am) kind of frustrated). Wanted to post this thread at midnight but MyADSL was not accessible! Anyway, got birthday...