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  • Hi Maestro,

    Just wanted to find out whether you still do console repairs. I have an old PS3 that I would like repaired.

    Hey man.

    Looking to buy a new Xbox or PS3.

    Which one is better to mod to play backup games?

    Is the usb thing for the ps3 any good or would your ecommend another type of mod to get the backups working?

    Thanks for the Info, I'll send an email to them and see what they say. Youv'e been really helpful. I'll let you know what happens.

    thanks again.
    yo dude, what console i got, zephyr, falcon etc
    powerbrick is 203w
    console 16.5a
    liteon drive
    mfr date 2007/08/27
    Thanks for reply,

    How much will they charge for the repair work and how much for the shipping.

    I need to have it fixed, don't want to buy another one.
    Hi, I was told by Luke7777 that you might be able to help me, My PSP power switch broke, It just slides around and does not switch on. A friend of mine said he would help but I think he stuffed it up even more. Please tell me that something can be done. How much do you charge to look at it?

    Thank you
    Hey Maestro!

    Hope you're well? Fudzy referred me to you....

    I'm looking for the HDD case for the Xbox 360. Just the case. Do you perhaps have one?

    Hi! What time should I have my sister drop off my xbox tomorrow? Any time which is better for you?
    Hey there,

    I see that you are in the business of fixing xbox's...
    I know a guy whos willing to sell his xbox Pro for R1500 which im very interested in but there is a VGA issue with it. As far as I can tell the xbox is running but the screen is blank. We've replaced the cable and no luck. Is this a standard issue that you could fix easily or would he have to send it in?

    Thanks in advance :)
    I most likely will end up sending it to you on tomorrow. Can I keep in touch via here and tell you what the status is etc etc?

    Since a Lite-on drive can't be flashed yet, can it be replaced by another drive?
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