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    WhatsApp will sync chats between Android and iPhone

    Whatsapp came up with a very easy way of signing up. Just download the app on your smart phone, enter your mobile number, receive an sms for confirmation of your number and you are done. No user name, date of birth, password etc. That's how they managed to beat Skype that had been around before...
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    We subscribed to News24’s new digital subscription service - Details

    1Usd every 4 weeks if you do not want crossword and cooking.
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    We subscribed to News24’s new digital subscription service - Details

    We need a service like spotify for news, where we can do one monthly subscription and access different news rooms. I cannot subscribe to News24, mail&Guardian, nytimes, etc all at the same time.
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    WeChat signup issue on Telkom Mobile

    I landed here because I am having problems with wechat, I am on Telkom Mobile too.
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    The highest rated South African ISPs

    So the way to remain a good ISP is to have a small number of clients.
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    #DataMustFall - The full story

    *123# on Telkom is offering 1GB of data for 30 days. I just go for it and don't care what Vodacom and MTN are charging. Not porting to cheaper options and at the same time complaining that data is expensive is like voting in a corrupt political party to form the government and then complaining...
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    Vodacom prepaid customers hit by airtime theft

    Port to Telkom, roam on Vodacom.
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    Report: Microsoft to launch new Cloud PC service next year

    A cloud windows PC that is simple enough for common PC user to set up is welcome. All the hardware that we shall need then will be anything with a browser and internet connection and that's very convenient.
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    Vodacom 5G - Big difference discovered depending on your phone

    When I started reading it never came to my mind that it was about Huawei P40 again.
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    Complaints that MTN SMS spam is impossible to unsubscribe from

    Seems all mobile networks have an agreement that they will always include in their services some behaviour that will irritate the client.
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    What it takes to reach your SIM card limit

    In December 2019 I ported from Telkom to MTN. The Telkom sim card remained active and was assigned a new number. Last month I ported the same number back to Telkom using that old Telkom Sim Card. Porting went through. I have kept the MTN Sim card and will test some time later if I can port back...
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    No, Google and Apple have not installed a COVID-19 tracing app on your phone A Covid-19 tracing software tool has appeared in the settings of both Android phones and iPhones as part of an update of their operating systems. The "exposure notification" tool is switched off by default, and is not a tracing app itself. It enables...
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    Do you think domestic air travel for leisure should be allowed?

    Yes. But I will not be flying soon.