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    DSTV Now - Only one device link allowed per subscription - implement without warning

    You named the issue: TOSHIBA My ex wife had the same issue. I think it may be due to the onboard graphics or something as it was the only device that would not work.
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    Openserve launches free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades

    Would be nice to get 200mbps. But then I also agree that if you are on 100 you don't need the speed upgrade. I have monitored my usage and I generally only use about 50mbps at most.
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    Stop for a moment and thank those still working

    And he is? The guy that took out JFK?
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    afrihost and Axxess 8Mbps

    Vumatel provides a 10/2 line but the data portion is being limited by the ISP.
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    Test your speed during lockdown and win R5,000 in cash and other prizes Afrihost / Openserve 100/50
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    afrihost and Axxess 8Mbps

    They will not be forced onto the higher package. Should the clients upgrade they will not be able to downgrade back to that package. They will however remain on that package and will be billed the same until the time comes that the client decides to change it.
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    Permission to reselling internet as a WISP

    You need to get a licence from ICASA which means you need to comply with BEE
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    1GB prepaid data price comparison in SA Now go do your own research further hahaha
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    1GB prepaid data price comparison in SA
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    Who users Afrihost? i im paying for there 2 mb but my mom has to pay 500 for telkom line

    Even if you have a data line and data package with an ISP you will still be paying Telkom for the voice line and any call made.
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    wall mounted tablet

    Glue felt to the inside of 2 of these clips and clip it to the edges of the tablet and hang it by 2 screws.