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  • Hey please whatsapp me. Interested in the controller. I have the disk version of horizon. Let me know? 0727967945
    I see you were looking for me a few months ago. Don't worry, all is well ;) Been studying and working, so not had much time for the forum save for a brief glance every few months.

    Oh and up yours for saying I need a girlfriend :p She's part of the reason why I don't have time for MyBB any more.

    Take care, buddy.
    hey budd, how can i get hold of that learners test and answers you have?? please i need this asap

    I'm writing on saturday morning 7:30am 10.07.2010

    It would be highly appreciated bro

    [email protected]
    Dude - leaving messages like that on wall is not cool lol Love? :p

    I replied on the ad this morning and said I would keep it for you - check it out :)
    Thought as much bro. One last thing how is the fire at Vergelgen couldn't believe how bad it looked yesterday and this morning.

    Our garden and pool is covered with ash
    Dude! Sorry man I SAW YOU WALK PAST! While I was on the one ride with the fiance'! Then after wards didn't see the VWS guys again!

    I am so organisng meeting you one of these days!
    LOL that is actually true. However I wasn't there on friday! I am there tonight! Just remind me how do I find you again? Who do I ask for etc?

    Perhaps you would prefer to PM me?
    Since you going to be there. How about I come and say hi? Or rather actually meet you, that is seriously overdue.
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