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    And whatever you say is true bcuz u, an atheist, said so. I thought there was no God moron? See how blind and stupid you are? And yeah: a post with a few sentences is going to defeat the hundreds of arguments in the Bible and hundreds of years worth of archeological findings. A true dumb ass ignorant you are. What a deluded narcissist babbler. Stop wasting time and learn something other than your own feelings for once idiot. Oh and, if atheists one the battle long long long agon in your imaginary brain: Why are there over 60 million Christians, not including the hundreds of millions Catholics, still in existance and why is the Bible always the most best selling book in THE WORLD?

    Oh and Mr. Atheists Is Winners: Which is the best selling book in the world, and most translated, and has been for many decades: The Bible, or Why I Am An Atheist?

    You're one massively blind super-arrogant moron and the "Grandmaster": OF NARCISSISM you self-praising child.
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