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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    Saw on Facebook now
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    The whole season is like driving to Drakensberg. S**t journey but good destination. (Pot/Plot holes all the way)
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    "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread

    Another one Did anyone check if this is legit? I assume it will be edited out soon. I love how people will try find the smallest of mistakes and report on that instead of the episode itself Not sure if I need to use the proper news format for that, doesnt seem relevant as news.
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    You should be able to use it
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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    The ECR big walk is tomorrow, and if I remember correctly Takelot gives vouchers in those bags the participants get at the end of the event. They may not be giving vouchers out because the marketing budget will be put towards the big walk but I may be wrong
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    Firmware for Samsung SM-J100H
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    Deciding between two outcomes

    If you were going not more than 60 and had time to accelerate, then there must have been time to brake. Why was that not an option?
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    Looking to buy a wall bracket for a tv but...

    Yes. It would fit your TV
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    Durban CBD mess today

    I think it's an unintended result of the workers shutting off supply to certain areas without adjusting the input to the reservoir (since they want to sabotage infrastructure and not do their jobs) So less water going out and more going in equals pressure build up then pop because of the poor...
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    He will only reply after you PM him a couple times. Sometimes notifications dont come and no one checks their PM if their is no notification
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    Bitcoin Thread - 2018

    I believe you click on the "margin" in the block where you see your position. A pop up will come up and give you the option to add margin
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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    I was just typing to find any news on this Apparently our domestic helper was renting on that property, she is in hospital and my parents have gone to see her as soon as we got to know. Still no news about her 6 year old daughter. From what I read, the bank collapsed and took the house with...
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    This is what I get on *141*1# Option 3 (Data) Option 1 from there gives this: Option 1 again gives this My day data shows 39 GBs valid until 09/10 so I cant really tell if any of that 39 gigs is from last month or if all is from this month allocation. Yesterday I had 45 or so gigs and I...