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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    It has been like that for the past few hours here in NRB, but still hot as hell. The clouds are getting darker slowly still, Im guessing tonight will be pouring
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    [KZN] SA Weather Service issues heavy rain warning

    Check the SAWS Website under media releases Edit: Link They do say expect heavy rains on Thursday and Friday. The pic posted above seems exaggerated
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    Rainbow 6 Siege: South Africa

    A lot of people dont beta test anything. It will take time for it to gain traction here. I think most players have up with the game on PC because of high pings. I also think there is a larger console population locally. If you look at the local tournaments that were held on acgl and other site...
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    Free TVs from Takealot if the Springboks win

    Go to through the twitter posts and find one where someone highlighted the promo dates. It also mentions until stocks runs out. You got the promo stock as per the invoice so you qualify regardless
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    I've made toast and garlic bread but never a toasted cheese sandwich. Do you toast the bread first then put the cheese? Or make the cheese sandwich first and put it all in at once?
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    Samsung A70 - My screen turns on whenever I touch the phone.

    I think it's called "touch to wake up". My phone doesnt do that and I wish it did Edit: look under advanced setting, then motions and gestures
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    Turned down from a Job offer, how does it affect you?

    Durban is a difficult place to get a job. The main reasons I've been turned down is due to the AA, EE, BEE and all those stupid letter or nepotism. Some companies (if not most in Durban) will hire someone thats known the the higher ups. I once had an interview at a nice company close to home...
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    My night data reset back to 50GB, not sure when it happened but I only noticed it now
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    You can do it via USSD and the MTN website, but the site is bugged as expected and doesnt add the number for some reason (in my experience, not sure if it happens to everyone)
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    As far as know and experienced, only the anytime data is shared when using datashare (even after midnight). Only the primary sim will be able to use the night data while data share is active. But on the other side of the same coin, if data share is disabled then my dual sim and primary sim both...
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    They probably fiddling with the network to prepare new deals for this years black friday special
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    Mtn black Friday rumor?

    I got 97 gigs of night data :eek: I didnt even notice or care to check until I saw your post
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    Samsung TV Failing? Its cheap to get a strip light and just stick it on the edge of the cabinet or even on the wall behind the TV. You can probably get that same LED strip for 100 bucks at chinese stores
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Rumours and leaks

    How long did it take?
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    *READ FIRST* MTN Network Status & Issues (DNS, Throughput and Latency)

    Not sure what time it came right here but it's been good since 6AM on my side