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  • The "Jedi" are based on the early crusaders to the Holy Land

    ideas that were current at that time -- and still are today in some mystery schools

    Research the inner history of the Crusades for your answers

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to deny Human nature -- one can only CONTROL it

    For nonhumans it may be possible to deny ALL emotion -- I am not YODA -- or a VULCAN :)
    Hi. I am interested to meet someone who is connected to Astra. Do you live in Cape Town ?

    Did you do your own installation? I have a free to view decoder that I bought out side of SA. I also have a 1.2 meter dish installed. I just need to get it all hooked up.
    Stephen Herbert 083 775 1963
    If you do get an upgrade for your laptop let me know.
    I have a 1.5 mhz core 2 duo - your old 2 gig might be good for me!
    Kenneth 0845147000
    GPS on DELL 5520 Wireless:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novatel Wireless\NextGenCommon\GPSHWStatus
    change from 0 to 1 (use regedit for this).

    Restart the software.
    Hi ,
    I am in PMB <LOL>

    Yup look forward to that next installment. Problem with these guys is that they NEVER lsiten and never understand.

    The only time they will listen is when it hits them in the pocket.

    We have to do ALL we can to get an alternative up and running... that si why they hide behind the Gov legislation -- they are DEAD scared of proper competition.

    They justify it to the Gov by using the BEE argument


    Glad to see I am managing to keep you entertained - unlike Monochoice!!!

    Stay tuned for further developments - I am sure that we will get the 'usual corporate baffle-speak' reply from the MC Ivory Tower at some point!!

    I have now almost managed to back up all my unviewed recordings from the PVR in anticipation of terminating my subscription to MC - I will just NOT pay them on Monday, when the June instalment falls due (one of the ONLY service providers I know of that you have to pay AHEAD of using their service) and see just how long it keeps going BEFORE it FINALLY gets cut off!!!!

    BTW - what part of KZN are u in - I am in Durban.

    Cheers for Now

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