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  • Hmm not gonna allow me to have multiple pc's access a 1 concurrent connection account that way.

    The reason for wanting to do this, was to have my IS local account on via the router for all to use, and then for international access use a dial-up account. Well if it can't be done I'll have to trash that IS local account, the server with no name has useless dl speeds, and to only have one user able to do anything with that account, it's pretty pointless - LOL @ 189 MB dl'ed in 7 hours...waste of time.
    I do just that using Telkom's 5102G router. You need to select PPoE/PPoA under the "Encapsulation" settings and activate the Bridge interface under the "PPoE/PPoA" settings

    I just read this post and i want to do a similar thing. Can you please guide me step by step?
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