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    The coolest smartphone and computer brands in South Africa revealed

    Hisense computers? No such thing? LG and Samsung computers not available in South Africa... What a **** of an article
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    MTN Business LTE

    Ok cool thanks man!
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    MTN Business LTE

    Yes so I was wondering if the fact that it is a business deal mean that streaming may be throttled or that P2P may not work.
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    MTN Business LTE

    Yes I looked at Afrihost, but don't feel like buying the router. On the MTN contract the router is included. Plus, 8AM to 5PM actually works better for my dad than midnight to 6AM
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    MTN Business LTE

    I spotted this deal on offer from MTN, and it seems pretty good. I want to get it for my dad, and he would use it for streaming some Netflix and YouTube and general browsing etc. Has anyone got experience with these deals especially around the Work Express hours? Throttling issues? P2P working...
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    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Does anyone know of an Android TV version of the Netflix app that works on this box? I have only managed to find a tablet version and controls with the remote are rubbish.
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    New Telkom ADSL Installation

    I did and both of them need the line to be installed by Telkom 1st, thanks anyway
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    New Telkom ADSL Installation

    Dear MyBB Forum... Need some advice w.r.t a new ADSL line installation. I want to connect my mom's house with proper (uncapped) internet so she can get in to the world of streaming TV, and most importantly to cancel DSTV. At her address her only viable option is ADSL, and Telkom has confirmed...
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    Please Rate Axxess

    Axxess has the most draconian FUP of all the ISPs in SA. I am capped to 50% line speed all of the time. For the same money I am moving to Cool Ideas.
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    Sapphire GPU Warranty

    Hi Guys, quick one. What is the warranty period on Sapphire GPU's distributed through Correx? This one specifically
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    The awesome smart “TV” you can buy without a TV licence in South Africa

    Seeing as this is a monitor over 24" it attracts a 30% import duty. So ultimately cANCer still gets their cut.
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    App Store & Netflix

    Ok cool! Will have a look... Yes I set the DNS on the router so thats taken care of
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    App Store & Netflix

    Hi Guys After a break from Apple and only using Android for around 3 years or so I finally got myself an iPad Mini and I'm really happy being back! What a slick little tablet! Loving it... Anyway, I would really appreciate some help on an issue I'm having... I'm a Netflix customer via...
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    Stormers Live Stream
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    whatsapp for iphone

    Jailbreak > load lnstallous