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  • @ mk1.. We apologize for the Inconvenience cause during this period.

    The delays regarding the Xk3y's were primarily due to an unexpected delay in supply. Our previous ETA was extended from two weeks to almost two months by our supplier. We initially relied on simply putting updates on the Xk3y Page but when we couldn't get an accurate enough ETA we didn't post any updates until we became absolutely sure that we were about receiving stock.

    We since added a Tracking System to keep clients informed and prevent a repeat of the communication gap experienced during that dark period.
    Are you in the Gauteng area. Give Desmond Frost (082 846 9595) a call. I think he can help you. They have a product that can convert any wall to a whiteboard. I think all you need is a projector and PC. Not sure if this will work for you. Also a lot cheaper that that prices you quoted.
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