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    Malema at it again wtf? You said it, you are responsible for it. Or is this just grooming for a future presidency? Sigh - even if this is true, which it likely is, and even if Zuma thought madbucket would behave ( which he...
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    Malema's Tantrum in Limpopo

    A few stories floating around about how Malema threw a ****-fit in Limpopo and hit someone with a chair and "threw out journalists" - but very little in the way of news articles, photos and videos. Why? If journalists were thrown out, where is the journalism? I want to know more about...
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    "Malema ignores interdict, sings 'banned' song" Now what? Does he get arrested when he lands at OR Tambo? Or does this get swept away?
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    Malema wants to go to jail? So, he would rather go to jail than not sing about murder and genocide? Then why the hell does he not sing it then? Scared, fatboy?
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    Airtime Slowly Ticking Down

    Ah - it's an iPhone. The missing airtime is the iTax.
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    Floods in Free State

    Anyone have pics of the floods? Trolling through the local news sites is a waste of time. Why is it our local sites almost never have pictures? Saw one of the floods that could have been taken anywhere in Africa, during the last 20 years.
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    Linux Laptop

    I am looking for a decent Linux laptop. I do not want one that "comes with Winlose preinstalled". I want nothing even remotely looking like a "windoes't sticker" on it either. Anyone know where I can get: Linux preinstalled - prefer (K)Ubuntu 3G Decent size screen Light-weight Not...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    kind of between Hillfox and Makro. Do not be put off if you go there one day and see "nothing nice". They have good days and bad days - you will get used to it if you go a few times. Some days I walk out with a huge box of stuff for R50-R60. Other days, their stock is low - depends on...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    What you may consider a pro, I see as a con. Fruit and veg is SUPPOSED to go "off". Lord knows what they do to it to remove this natural "ripening" process. :p But, jokes aside - find a decent farmstall. We are lucky to have Rebel Farmers on Hendrick Potgieter (plug), and their stuff...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    I find it incredible that people buy fruit and veg at WW. Woolies cauliflower - neverless than R8 or so, farmstall: 80c sometimes. Brocolli the same butternuts - half the price at a farmstall. green beans - R9 a bag vs 2-3 a bag tomatoes - R10 for 6 vs R4 a bag. lettuce - down to as low as 19c...
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    Stop going to big stores... Farmstall for veggies etc is WAY cheaper than the chain stores. For example, I can get a box of assorted veggies for R50 at the farmstall, or 8 tomatoes and a butternut at Woolies.... Butcher is cheaper as well - especially since you then avoid the temptations of...
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    Zim ROFLCoptor

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    1024/4096 DSL

    Has anyone ever been told that 1024/4096 is not available in their area? I cannot recall having seen this before, but Telkom has now told me this when I tried to upgrade a particular line. I thought all areas were capable of at least 1024, with a maximum of 4096 depending on line quality...
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    Lekota's new Party named (again) Now, Congress of the People, makes me think "CP". Communist Party? SACP? Is this too going to be turned down?