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    Cell C fixed-LTE is coming to an end - This is where users are going

    Headline should be more like " The end of Cell C "
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    Install solar panels and receive a tax break

    Misleading Headline Should be Tax breaks for companies who install solar power systems
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    To be honest getting kak speeds currently Ping: 4ms Download: 21.17Mbps Upload: 13.13Mbps Ping: 6ms Download: 23.05Mbps Upload: 48.55Mbps on a 100/50 openserve line
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    WASPA says Crime syndicates are stealing South Africans' airtime

    I compare the cell companies with pawn shops who willingly buy stolen goods
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    Watch out, you may soon be paying tax on having fun

    Well that takes the fun out of fun
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    Billions in airtime stolen from South Africans

    Really, I can't see any value in what those wasp are offering, the only value is for their own and cell companies pockets.
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    DStv Premium price increase possible - MultiChoice CFO :confused:
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    Eskom will shut down power plants to combat pollution

    Just check how your take home pay suddenly gets a lot smaller
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    New MTN SIM - RICA "limit exceeded"

    Just shows how much of a farce the whole system is. I will have many sims rica'd in my name. Every time I get a overseas visitor the first thing is they want is a local sim and number even before they land.
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    Proof of residence

    Fair enough, but might be the fastest way to dump Telkom without going to hell and back