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    Freshphone voip from overseas - NZ

    Thanks for response. Very weird that it can be down for so long. How does the business make any money if their payment system is down and nobody seems to be worried about it. I hope they not going the same way as, services stopped in 2016 without warning, next thing we heard is...
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    AVM Fritzbox pbx-router-modem

    I have a fritzbox and use it with freshphone. Works great and I can try and help if you still having issues.
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    Freshphone voip from overseas - NZ

    I have a freshphone account I have been using for a few years now both in South Africa, and while traveling. I normally topup via my credit card and it all works fine. Today I tried to login to topup again and I cannot login. "Secure Connection Failed". Is it just me or is freshphone now...
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    Best VOIP deal versus best providers

    I think he is right. I see Euphoria on my credit card statement when I purchase freshphone airtime.
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    Telfree Basic Free VOIP Account – Whats changed?

    Hey Guys I have been using my 087 Telfree account for a few years now. It works pretty well, and have not had and problems to date. I am using the basic free service, which means I don’t make calls. I only use it for receiving calls. The service stopped...
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    World countries Standard & Poor's ratings - SA is BBB

    For those that are unfamiliar with SA's credit rating: Abu Dhabi ; 5 ; AA Andorra ; 4 ; A Argentina ; 1 ; B Aruba ; 4 ; A Australia ; 6 ; AAA Austria ; 6 ; AAA Azerbaijan...
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    Heart Breaking Story: Two adults and 14-month-old twins set alight in home attack

    Man this makes my blood boil. Whats worse though is that this news article does not even make the front page on IOL. In any civilized country this would be headline news. But no, not in SA. This article did not even make the site. But what makes’s front page are the...