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    South Africa to introduce universal income grant - minister

    It looks a whole new world is arising slowly(somewhat secretively) parallel to Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, so how is this going to play out or end-?
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    News Tip-Offs and Investigations

    Telkom Internet Last 2 weeks or so downloads at night interrupted(Nightsurfer ADSL) , could it be Eskom cutting power in places or what. This happened before and disappeared for a year good service till recently, not my problem.
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    Why a "cheap and nasty" fibre deal is a bad idea

    Best deal: The best deal is the Best Quality, the Best Maintenance, the Best Staff/Techs, the Best Communication to informed staff/management that can make decissions as you call in to new service, for complaints, then on top of that the cheapest. We know this can be done if theres not a million...
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    Microsoft accused of forcing Edge browser on Windows users

    Its ironic how a new OS comes along, and soon afterwards it gets updated, upgraded, improved till it starts to slow down/bog down your computer and soon you need a faster one and trash the old one(What a fast waist of resources). I have never in my life encountered a situation that never seems...
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    ANC warns SABC to stop jobs bloodbath - Report

    This does not make any sense whatsoever from any angle. Note:My antivirus: " has been blocked because server certificate had been revoked"
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    Should the Government save jobs or save lives?

    Both are a function of any Government and thats what societies pay tax for, so if both fail, its actually a reflextion of a serious failed Government, in SARS COV-2 case a World class failure of note, do the sums of how much tax was spend on health and other over last 30 years, the last 30 years...
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    More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism

    I think Very High Level corruption has ruiend status of Capitalism over last 30+4 years world wide, but it does not end there, its unfortunately going the same way for the other political ideologies, seeing they all based on a monetary system of which the medium is money, and money=the flow of...
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    'I can't understand why this happened' say owners after rottweiler, boerboel attack

    This is not specific related to these cases, but it says something about dogs low level instinct behaviour, which we hardly understand well, things happens fast, or not at all. Here is some advice I got years ago if two owners walking dogs cross paths(No straps attached at that point and its too...
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    South Africans are now missing payments and defaulting on loans

    Monetary systems(Money=The flow of resources) ..versus...Societies depending on it....Versus Actions resulting from a Pandemic Declared(By a centralised organisation apart from each country already established health systems. It is now clear that leaders did not understood the complications and...
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    ANC considers additional tax to fund a R500 monthly income grant

    Does the constitution address tax abuse-?
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    New tax increases necessary to deal with South Africa’s debt: Mboweni

    But over taxing yourself (Again)-(Your society)-(Symptom of high level corruption present) to finance your wishes, is like drinking your wee trying to survive in the desert with no water, it will work only so long. Seeing we live only to about 70-100 years, it could mean a lot of people will...
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    Middle-class South Africa turns to unsecured loans to supplement income

    Interesting to see how ordinary citizens must bend for political ideology and financial failures and never big bussiness or governments by lower prices instead of increasing it which will happen eventually when everything falls flat. Show me any successfull political ideology that worked 90%+...
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    Missing National Lottery online wallet money.

    Welcome to digital and blind trust.
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    What anti-racism really means and how to talk about it

    Why is racism kept alive in abstract ways at all costs, what would the motive be-?
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    Beware of your webcam :-)

    Ok, it seems focussed on face with a wide angle lense, a 360 degree lense could have been interesting.