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    Unauthorized billing by telkom on fraudulent contracts

    Thank you so much for this... there is only one email address there, but it worked - after four years of trying - this did work! Took a day.... but now I have a letter confirming it's all sorted, after nearly 4 years of fraudulent billing and listings!
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    Clover milk

    Not sure where else to put this so here seems fine... over the last two months Clover have started a process of super profits from Vanilla MMMMilk... a new bottle came out under Super M brand (double the price) and slowly the price of the old bottle is creeping up to there... every week add R3...
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Vanilla Gigabit fibre Ping: 1ms Download: 900.65Mbps Upload: 900.8Mbps
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    South African ISPs - ranked

    So, how big is a large data set? I suggest that <100 may not be representative... more though would be somewhat useful, I recognise that there is also a business proposition here...
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Vanilla Ping: 1ms Download: 899.8Mbps Upload: 907.3Mbps
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    South African ISPs - ranked

    RPM - what maybe irrelevent to you maybe very relevent to others... this is a subjective view... I was just suggesting when writing articles like this it's very relevant to point out that you have excluded the niche ISPs who actually provide the best and fastest (as well as the worst and...
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    SEACOM's attack on - All the details gives us pretty good results.. comparable to iperf Ping: 1ms Download: 880.22Mbps Upload: 931.32Mbps
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    South African ISPs - ranked

    Please add the bit that says you only count those ISPs that had a minimum of "x" responses... ie smallish ISPs are not included in this list... Would be nice to see the full list anyhows?
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    SEACOM's attack on - All the details

    RPM - I thank you and compliment you on providing a great resource with these mybb speedtest servers! They give us the best most accurate results... I also concur with your comments on speedtest servers :)
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    SEACOM's attack on - All the details

    Really? I think it is...
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    Fortnite battle Royale

    What's your best ping? I've seen as low as 120...
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    VUMA which ISP

    Hi, The map below seems to indicate where CS edge routers are and where they interconnect with other networks... since the durban INXs are pretty small they don't need to be there, it is not an indicator of a superior service afaik... Cybersmart do have various options in Durban, if you use...
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    VUMA which ISP

    We recommend Cybersmart for dbn! We can also help with that if needed...
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    VUMA which ISP

    yes, sorry about that, we like to be close to our customers so we can come help if needed :(