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  • Mailed you on Sunday and Today about not being able to connect. No response as of yet. After rebooting my router on Saturday (after slow download speeds), I cannot get a connection to Openweb. Please respond, as I am running out of patience! I have to pay Telkom for a 1gb backup account every month just to let you know whenever this happens. (Not the first time btw) Does'nt make sense?

    Hi, I emailed someone at openweb but have recieved no response. I am interested in the 384 gold uncapped, would like to know what is the minimum limit to be aware of before being in the top 20% and being throttled? I am interested in an unshaped uncapped account with decent latencies and able to download from nntp at proper speeds.
    thank you

    'ello, MrBEEP-sama!

    Just wanted to say thank you for the continued service of awesome and spam the obligatory lolcat :)
    Hi Mr Beep

    Why is OpenWeb's 1mb account R445. Its R50 cheaper then a 4mb line. It would be perfect for me if it was R350. Pity though. it would have been enough to stream decently. The 384 and 512 options is very appealing. 512 looks decent. for a R100 more do you think its worth for the extra kb download speed. the standard uncapped account is also not bad either for R219.

    Of the 4 accounts that is mentioned, which one is the best band for buck in your opinion. need decent speeds, some streaming and downloading of course.
    Hi Sir

    Can you please advise me about open web you see I would like to get the Openweb Uncapped Lite 512K Package,as this is in my budget range
    My basic needs are such
    Daily Web Browsing,E-Mails,Downloads,Torrents(I do not download a lot of Data just drivers and a torrent every now and then mostly on weekends I only download at night around 15 gigs per month on torrents .)
    I only need around 15 to 20 gigabytes of Data
    Do you think this service will work for me.

    One last thing how do I get an Open web account do I call the call center or how do I go about doing.

    Thank You For The Help
    hi,Mrbeep can i please use you free local proxy in south africa i need it for only 1 to 7 day because our cape is used up be our local cape is not so please can i join if i can join then please send me an email at shaneyake2@gmail.com
    thanks Shane
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