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    Can you help me find my eBay USPS package?

    I started by checking the tracking numbers on both parcels, Both had last been seen early in December and have an expired status since then, as can be seen here I didn't really know what this meant but I assumed it meant, the package was waiting at customs in SA since it would switch to a...
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    I'm thinking of buying a camera from "DIGITAL SA CAMERA" anyone ever heard of them

    They seem pretty legitimate but it would put my mind at ease if someone could confirm they are.
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    Nexus 4 and 8ta

    I'm not that familiar with heita so i cannot with certainty say that my phone shouldn't be going at a download rate of 10Kb/s but i am more inclined to believe that it's the internet configuration settings on my phone that can't be updated due to it not being supported on heita's automatic...