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  • 9% is very good for a personal loan, but there must be catch somewhere i reckon! Just check it out carefully before signing!

    Cool, not a problem! Hope you come right! :D

    What bike are you going for?
    Ah! I got vehicle financing through standard bank, because the bike was new they didn't have a problem, they did however whack me with an interest rate of 18% because the loan amount is so low (my car's rate was 9%).

    So at 18% you might as well get a personal loan for the amount as well, because I know for a fact that banks are very hesitant to approve vehicle loans for older vehicles (and even not so old bikes for some reason).

    If I were you, I'd apply for vehicle financing through the dealership, if no one comes back with an offer, get a personal loan, it should be approved within a day and the money in your account!
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