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    Using personal pc for work

    Most def not,
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    Denel needs money – and warns over South Africa’s ability to defend itself

    Who the fok gonna attack us lol.
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    Laptop Advice needed - To upgrade or replace

    1. Replace your current 1TB with a 240gb or 256gb SSD, also you might want to check if your laptop takes a M.2 or mSATA slot which you can add in and install Windows and keep the 1TB for storage. 2. When reinstalling Windows after a drive change ensure you are installing the x64 version so you...
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    SABC wants South African Netflix viewers to pay TV licence fees

    Some real dom **** sit in the gravy train.
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    The 137TB man – South Africa’s biggest lockdown data hog

    I scheme this oke was downloading Windows 10 updates.
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    What would it take to get you to pay your TV license?

    The bailouts are from the fiscus anyway.
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    Huawei SA is still going strong despite dropping Google services

    Bought a tablet for my daughter and really forgot about the no Google services, had to return it a few days later as she couldn't use the youtube alternative app.
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    What to expect from Ramaphosa’s new recovery plan for South Africa

    Point 1 : How to steal more tax payers money.
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    Takealot comes under fire for its dominance in South African ecommerce

    Takealot, delivery and after sales support is on point and will not use anyone else.
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    How has your company treated you during Covid?

    1. Work from home, regular checkups on our self-being. 2. Received Bonus and increase in April. 3. Can work from anywhere without putting in leave.
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    Windows 10 Search Issue

    After updating to 1903 , windows start and search dont work, tried dism repair in power shell and scan in windows with no luck , seems I will have to create a new profile and test from there.
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    All South Africans should work together to rebuild the economy, says Ramaphosa

    Fok-off we work hard while your cadres loot left , right & center.