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    Alternative To DSTV For Sports [Premier League,Bundesliga, On match day select the match and choose between PC or Mobile link, PS ensure you have ad blocker, not very intrusive and the adds are just standard adds no porno stuff.
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    LIVE | Apartheid flag judgment

    We have more serious issues in this country than a flag that's deemed hate speech(didn't know flags can speak either), EFF is another bunch off clowns, instead of fighting this issue go fight for our rights for a corrupt free country, but then EFF is also more corrupt.
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    Here's how to free up space on your Android smartphone

    File Manager - Internal Storage - Whats app - Media - Select applicable folder eg: Whats app images - Sent, clear all files in all the sent folders.
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    DSTV Now and Smart TV's

    Samsung 7 series support dstv app. Q = QLED (2017 onwards) RU = 2019 UHD LS = 2018 “The Frame” NU = 2018 UHD N = 2018 Full HD MU = 2017 UHD I think any size with codes should work and have the app.
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    What happens when a driver is not insured, not licensed and is not at fault?

    If you dont have a drivers license, you were not supposed to be on the road and if you are not on the road you wont cause kak like this.
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    Rat causes R154,000 damage to Porsche

    Promoting TIB Insurance it seems.
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    South Africa's banking apps rated

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    Our rental lease is expiring, landlord is MIA

    Stop paying your rent and he/she will appear.
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    A good 10.1 tablet??
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    SSD 240GB Wanted

    SSD 240GB 2.5 inch Wanted Any make/model Must be in working condition Location: East Rand, JHB
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    34,000 domestic workers lost their jobs in 2019 so far

    Posted in the incorrect place.
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    34,000 domestic workers lost their jobs in 2019 so far

    Got rid of 1 vehicle, thats nearly R6000 savings of which was the installment, insurance and fuel. Got rid of DSTV and saving nearly R1000. Domestic now comes through 3x a month. Any other cost saving initiatives can one implement as well.
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    ANC wants future projects to use the ‘user-pays’ funding model

    Someone up there is smoking that good ****.