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    Microsoft has reversed a setting change in Windows 11 that made it difficult to change the default browser from Edge

    To be honest though, I've switched away from Chrome because it's performance was terrible recently. New updates seemed more and more unstable, with the damn thing crashing so often that I thought I had hardware issues. Switched to Opera (which funny enough uses the same Chromium engine under...
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    Summary of offences in the Cybercrimes Act

    Don't worry. I don't think they have any real competency to result in anything. The internet is a big place, MyBB is not and should not be their main concern, and we're too unimportant for anything other than our income taxes.
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    Summary of offences in the Cybercrimes Act

    Yeah.... Let's go after the scary cybercriminals when we cannot even put a guilty AF ex president in prison. Bullshit.
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    South Africa will ban 50ppm diesel from September 2023

    Yeah, this isn't anything really new. Bio-diesel is a huge business in countries with large scale cooking oil recycling programs. It's a lot more expensive to make, but the end product is made from something that would have been waste, and it burns cleaner.
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    Why Discovery is forcing staff to get vaccinated for Covid-19

    Out of over 2 billion people vaccinated, and around 5 billion dosed administered, since December 2020 I am pretty sure the science points to state that the vaccine has had no large scale overblown effects. But sure, let's stick to the dumbass Facebook news reporting method, because old oom...
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    Why internet banking struggles on payday

    LoL what a bunch of ****. I worked at some of those "big banks". Their systems aren't under strain, the people that write the software are.
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    Ramaphosa's plan to save Eskom

    Same ****, different day. Blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa... Talk talk talk... Bullshit bullshit bullshit... From Dec 2019: From Jan 2020...
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    Good news about load-shedding

    Holy ****.... It's a miracle! And who knew that all they needed in order to do this is that their price increases needed to be approved by NERSA!
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    South Africa ranked as second worst country to be in during COVID-19 pandemic

    Yup, I know, I only recently moved to the Netherlands from SA. South Africans have this complete disrespect for authority, I guess it's what years and years of abusive power does to a country. I can completely understand why they banned alcohol sales, and that industry is suffering because of...
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    South Africa ranked as second worst country to be in during COVID-19 pandemic

    I'm in the Netherlands right now. It's not nearly as bad as what you are saying. The rioters are a bunch of boys causing **** because they can't go and party after 9 (due to curfew). While I can't speak for the rest of Europe, it's actually pretty damn good here all things considered (and...
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    Beware Telegram location chat features in South Africa

    Wow... While the concern for spreading some dodgy **** is real, the issue here isn't limited to Telegram. I'm pretty sure that it is significantly easier to see porn on a Google search result, than it is on Telegram. Hell, you can even see some questionable content on YouTube. Maybe adhering to...