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  • D@mn... our pc's are locked down and I don't have admin rights anymore... Oh well... will have to do it later... Is this a problem that'll be pernanent do you think?
    in your host file add the following line at the bottom greenlab.webhop.net

    then the site wotks
    oh is that the prob... Any indication how long till it's sorted?

    I don't know dude... EBG is pms'd way to often imho...:eek::D

    Dota last night was hectic... The twilight dota server is very busy and they work on levels which ar bullCr@p if you ask me... i prefer the g/l server...
    lol, remenber the fight i had with Evelbluegirl, this was my point, the site is down to the changers her and admin made, the new mx she made is not pointing to the GL site, lol, i was right,
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