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    Apple threatens to terminate Epic Games's developer account

    I'm with Apple on this. They have built a platform with loyal customer base and now Epic Games just want a free ride. Apple has poured billions of dollar into development of iOS and software tools. 30% is for privilege of selling on the most prestigious storefront with access to big spending...
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    COVID-19 in South Africa - New stats revealed

    Gauteng has done more tests than anyone else. If GP was an epicenter, the number of hospital admissions would have skyrocketed. Numbers don't lie, Western Cape has a serious problem.
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    What you are not told about Vodacom and MTN's mobile data

    Data is very expensive 30 MB for R12 is anti-poor R0,40/MB According to Mybroadband 2019 Q2 Mobile Network Quality Report the average speed for Vodacom is 29Mbps, which means someone that purchases a 30 MB bundle will probably deplete it in less than a minute or more precisely sub 8 seconds...
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    ‘Difficult’ matric maths paper to be investigated

    Folks at Answer Series reviewed Paper 1. The paper was simply not in compliance with the cognitive levels prescriped by CAPS document. Case in point 20% of the question were supposed to be Knowledge-based questions, that's roughly 30 marks. But instead the percentage was a lowly 3.3%(5 marks)...
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    Nice iOS6 Breakdown Preview

    I disagree, I used to have iPhone4S, best phone I ever had. I sold it so that I can have a Lumina 900, it's not a bad phone, I like the windows os but the screen was terrible compared to a Retina on the iPhone. I returned my Lumina to get HTC One X, the phone is a piece of $hit, I can barely...
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    iPad 3 - Official announcement March 7th 2012 --> Here it is in clear view!

    Guys I'm coming home on month-end. Line up for those orders.
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    ROFL :D Are you serious? What is certain about iPad3 -Retina display(2048-by-1536) -iOS 5.1 -Improved Camera(same as iPhone4 or 4S) -Improved Battery Life(expect 15+ hours) -Improved GPU -Bluetooth 4 Not Sure about iPad3 -Processor, dual core or quad core -LTE capability -Siri -128 GB version...
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    iPad Business Profiles

    Apple has updated its iPad business sections, with various companies showcasing how the iPad is improving productivity and making their life's less of a hassle. Its quite amazing how far the iPad has come, it was coined by many as an expensive toy, but those with forth-sight have used the iPad...
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    Does Your Iphone 4s rattle?

    How does this help OP? I have iPhone4S 16Gb, no rattles. It's quite solid, take yours to your service provider.
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    So what would you do?

    No ways, mostly girls consider the black iPhone to always be larger than the white iPhone :D
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    Pinger's Textfree App

    I just downloaded the Textfree app by Pinger from the US store, it allows me to send free text messages to anyone around the world, the recipient don't even need to have the app to be able to receive messages. To register, all you need is a US zip code, any zip code, I used 77478. Try it...
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    IPad, iBooks 2 and Life on Earth demo book

    I loved the demo book Life on Earth. I think Apple have a winner here. Let's see how Samsung's clone will turn out.
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    Ipad 2 sticky home button

    unless its a gorilla class type of glass :p Glass properties 101, after the break :whistle:
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    Ipad 2 sticky home button

    Reboot wont work, I'm not making a joke, I'm quite sure OP has tried it already, update wont do either, been there before. Flex the edges of the iPad to sort it out. This is what helped me, and the home button never gave me a problem afterwards. Dont judge my post soley on my questionable sex...
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    Ipad 2 sticky home button

    I had the same problem with mine barely new. How I solved it, hold the iPad on the edges, diagonally with both hands, and flex a little bit, the swab the edges and flex again. the problem will be gone. If that does not work, swith off the iPad, spray the home button with an Electronic cleaner.