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    ClientZone "User Account Disabled" and missing support emails?

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone experienced "user account disabled" all of a sudden on client zone? Then, I have sent email to billing@ and support@ but no auto-response that ticket created. I am trying to urgently change my billing details so debit order doesn't fail and they dont cancel account...
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    Linux server Installations and Support companies in Gauteng, Johannesburg?

    Hi, I am looking for a company that can install a Linux file server (at first) for one of my clients and then be available to do call outs when required. If you are such a company, please give me a shout here or via PM. And if you know of any company that can assist me, please also let...
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    Phone works fine on myMTN but not on internet APN?

    Hi, I have a weird problem with my 6710 in that it works 100% on the myMTN APN but not on the internet APN? I have my Nokia N95 here and it works on internet APN so I know its not down. I need to have it work on internet APN as phone is going on overseas trip and going to be used with...
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    Nokia 6710: GPS requires A-GPS first for kick start?

    Hi all, For all those with Nokia 6710's, has anyone experienced the problem that for the GPS to work the very first time, it needs to have A-GPS enabled first, let it connect and then it works fine with only intergrated GPS enabled? Just got some units for a client (we sell a application...