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    Big Giveaway - Win excellent prizes

    Our Shared-value approach Successful companies boost the economy as a whole – but society expects companies to make a difference while making a profit. We believe that a shared-value approach can lead to greater benefits for our own investors – and for society as a whole.
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    Capitalize on your existing virtualization, networking, storage and Veeam investments
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    Entertainment FM radio: Yes Games: Yes Music player: Yes Vodafone live!: Yes
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    Importing from Mainland China(Sea Freight Shipping)

    Thanks for the info MandM
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    Importing from Mainland China(Sea Freight Shipping)

    "Do you have an importer code?"Yes I have the code which the supplier shall use from Customs & Excise Tariffs schedule. I assume its this is the" importers code" you were referring too. Thanks ,I will contact them
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    Importing from Mainland China(Sea Freight Shipping)

    Hi Thanks for the response.The item has an importers code and the supplier confirmed that the freight charges and insurance is covered by them,but once its reaches the port the rest is on myself.Do you know of any recommended clearing agents ?
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    Importing from Mainland China(Sea Freight Shipping)

    Hi All I purchased an item from China. The supplier is going to Sea freight (to Durban port). From there I’m responsible for the rest. So, I not sure do I need a customs clearance agent to assist or when the item arrives the will the shipping company contact me with the relevant duty’s and...
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    Inadvertent Data Leaks Ransomware Wire Transfer Fraud Vishing Public WiFi Risk
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win cool prizes

    iPhone Xs (64GB) MTN Made For Business S R999 PM x 24
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    Two-day giveaway - Win great prizes

    Broadband Connect Fibre Fibre optic network that's secure and always available. A true one-stop shop from provisioning of the fibre infrastructure in the office parks, precincts and malls to installing the broadband route
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    Two Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Stable Network Connections Thanks to our extensive experience with ICT and our fully dynamic BGP, we can provide you with a stable network and stronger technical capabilities
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    One-Day Giveaway - Enter Now and Win

    Notice Account Starting at a minimum deposit of R5000, select an investment period of 41,61,91,121 days, 6, 9 or 12 months. The longer the period, the higher the interest rate. Pay no monthly fees and make additional deposits at your discretion. Make withdrawals by giving notice