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    Visiting SA next week, is it possible to get better than..

    Wow that's really good!, I hear that I won't be able to buy it since I need proof of address? my father lives in SA can use his? All good about the international calls can use whatsapp
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    Visiting SA next week, is it possible to get better than..

    Roughly R850 for 4 weeks = 800 minutes 800 sms 2GB data Looking for mostly a data oriented pack, only need it for 4 weeks. Trying to see if this roaming pack is any good or better to get local.
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    Corsair TX850 80 PLUS Bronze PSU

    Item: Corsair TX850 80 PLUS Bronze PSU Age: 3 years+- ? Warranty: I have no idea where I got it from (sorry) according to Corsair it usually comes with 5 year warranty. Packaging: Yes Condition: 1 SATA power connector is broken. Location: Westville, Durban / Will be in Cape Town on the 11th...
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    Instagram - People who post food

    Any foodie Instagramers?
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    Coolermaster Enforcer hard drive rails

    Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase hard drive rails (3.5inch) to mount hard drives into the Coolermaster Enforcer case, or if anyone is willing to part with some for a price? In Durban Top right of this picture...
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    Would this water loop work?

    Hi all I would like to know if this "design" would work in my Thermaltake Level 10 GT case. My worries are: 1. Would the pump be powerful enough? 2. Would it cool the system enough? 3. Is everything compatible? If you can suggest different parts or method that would do a better job please...
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    Mail and Safari opens then crashes, iPhone 4S iOS8 urgent help please

    Long story short, I updated my moms iPhone 4S to iOS8 2 days ago and she hated it cause it made her iPhone slow, so I downloaded 7.1.2 from the Apple sever and downgraded it back with iTunes. I couldn't restore the backup from iTunes to it because it was made when it was running iOS8, fine so...
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    Cloning HDD to SSD/HDD

    Looking for some recommendations here, I'm looking for a free or paid program that is reliable to clone hard drives to either SSD's or other hard drives.
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    Looking for a R1000+- tablet

    So I know the budget is small but I need to recommend a friend in SA who is looking to get a tablet. I've come up with the following two options: Proline:,30597518 Product Page...
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    iPhone not charging

    Try a different power adapter and cord.
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    Hardcode subtitles .srt to .mp4???

    So I've wasted about 2 hours now looking for a decent way to hard code .srt subtitles to a .mp4 video, the problem is I want to do it without getting a file that is 4 times bigger than the original, so is there a program out there that pretty much keeps the same quality and size (more or less)...
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    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Recommend me a ROM

    Hi there Can anyone please recommend me a ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S3 (International Edition), I have tried Cyanogenmod and really liked it but it was a little too buggy and battery hungry for me, I am currently running on a stock 4.3 ROM but it's really slow (got used to Cyangenmod's speed)...
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    Defective Hard Drive Sounds

    Very informative site about the different sounds a hard drive can make and when to know if you need to backup your data immediately or when the hard drive has failed.
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    Spur - Lunchtime Challenge (Special)

    Only saw these yesterday, and I don't go that often to Spur, but here are the specials I saw which I think deserve a mention, sorry if they have been out for a long time. Due to the poor quality of the photos I took I have decided to not resize them for forum use and have instead uploaded them...