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    COVID-19: Fluke, Design, or Lab Mistake?

    Was there COVID-19 in France last November? "This could establish that coronavirus cases existed right across the world before the pandemic was officially recognized." from the article. link below...
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    Many South Africans cancelled DStv after getting Netflix

    You should check out F1TV, There is a month-to-month and a once of yearly fee.
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    Many South Africans cancelled DStv after getting Netflix

    Which streaming service are you referring to? Is it perhaps F1TV?
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    Big increase in how much South Africans are spending on Netflix

    Who has signed up to the F1 TV? is it worth it?
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    The cheapest bank accounts in South Africa

    Capitec Bank is the best.
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    Biggest pre-Black Friday sales in South Africa

    Since when is a 25% discount on anything a Black Friday special? Make it 75% discount then yes but not 25% wtf
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    Telkom finds itself in deep trouble

    Neotel was supposed to be that competition
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    Telkom finds itself in deep trouble

    I'm doing the same. I've already received communication that they going to cut my ADSL and I must consider moving to their LTE solution. I'd rather take a LTE solution from someone other than Telkom.
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    Mexem Africa - Is it legit?

    Seeing that you are their (Mexem) client, how is your experience thus far with them?
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    AT&T Goes After Netflix With HBO Max Service at $14.99 a Month

    I'm sticking with Netflix and my research app.
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    Telkom cutting off ADSL subscribers - Here are the alternatives

    Didn't you have an option to not go with Telkom? If they switch my ADSL off then I'm going somewhere else cause they could at least ensure that Fibre is in my area first before switching it off.
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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    What he said and that is the only reason until there is a reliable alternative.
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    Most South Africans have stopped paying their TV Licences

    No need for a TV when you can by a monitor t :laugh: