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  • I think it was tsogo, it was very similiar to the casino group in SA. Their store was in a sort of subway that ran under the one main road from the MTR to the Kowloon waterfront area, there was exchange desk in the enquries area of the store. I cant say whether they took TC's because we only transacted in cash. I dont know about Standards travel wallet option, we found cash worked much easier and quicker. Some shops may even take $US too... but I dont know if that is legal. Hong Kong is stunning, I have some pics on my websites gallery if you are interested.
    enjoy your trip... and grab a map from the kiosk at the airport in KH, its very helpful.
    Hey OhGats, thanks for the posting on the store in HK to convert currency. Is that store called Tsogo? and do they take traveller's cheques, or the travel wallet option, the one offered from Standard bank?
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