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    App development

    The only app development I have fiddled with has been utilizing the Titanium Appcelerator SDK, which, depending on what kind and scale of app you are looking at developing, can be quite useful.
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    iTunes App Store - South Africa vs Australia

    I believe that the Aus store contains more apps (most of the games for example). I am not sure about music and series however.
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    iTunes gift cards without the middle man

    Will definitively investigate next time I buy a card, thanks for the tip.
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    Design an ipad app

    If you have the required Xcode and Hackintosh/Mac then you can also consider a mobile framework like Titanium Appcelerator (converts Javascript into native iOS/Android code). It will be a lot quicker to learn than objective C, and should be fine for a simple app like you envision.
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    iOS developers

    Depending on the type of app you would like to develop you might be better off finding some decent javascript developers (available in much more abundance I would imagine) and hooking them up with a installation of the Titanium Appcelerator/Developer SDK. I have started taking a look at it and...