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    Experimax reviews?

    I had a look at their website and to be honest, their pricing doesn’t seem that great.
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    Apple AirPods Pro

    I've had my AirPods Pro since end of Nov and I'm very impressed. The ANC is very effective - especially when listening to music or watching movies. With the OG Airpods, I always had to turn on closed captioning on Netflix when I was in a fairly noisy environment, like a coffee shop, because I...
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    What does it take to get RAIN to attend to a request?

    Still no response from Rain on any of my tickets... profile still shows active in the portal.
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    What does it take to get RAIN to attend to a request?

    After having signed up for the Black Friday special on Rain's 5G, it turned out that the service wasn't going to work for me, so I decided to return the router and cancel the subscription. It took a few tries (four) to contact the support team to get someone to actually phone me to arrange the...
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    5G Rain Speeds Slower then Expected

    So I practically had the Router outside when I achieved sufficient speed to activate it. Keeping the router outside or sitting on a windowsill with the window open or mounting it on a pole on my roof is not practical though.
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    5G Rain Speeds Slower then Expected

    I also don't have any positive feedback on the 5G product. Despite being in the covered area, I only get about 80-Mbps in one spot in my house and it's not a suitable location for the router. Anywhere else in the house speed varies between 0.8Mbps and 30Mbps... I'm returning the router and...
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    Lawnmower blade bolt stuck

    Thanks for the advice, I'll give a few things a try. Initially I did turn the bolt the wrong way, but found out it's counter clockwise...
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    Lawnmower blade bolt stuck

    Well, it turns out I've gone and bent my lawnmower blade. The only issue is the bolt that secures the blade is really, really stuck. Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get it loose? I've tried loosening it with a normal size 14 wrench and also a socket wrench...
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    Creative Cloud - All Apps Plan on Special

    It'll be $29.99 every month for the next year - (Annual plan, paid monthly)
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    Creative Cloud - All Apps Plan on Special

    Hi all, For those who are interested. Just noticed today that the Adobe Creative Cloud "All Apps" plan is currently on special until 1 March 2019. It is usually $52.99 per month, but now $29.99 which is quite significant. The Photography bundle (Lightroom, Photoshop and 20GB cloud space) is...
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    Canon EOS 650D

    Looks like a fibre or particle stuck on the focusing screen. You can try to clear it out with a blower or get a camera store to clean \ replace it for you.
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    Canon 750D Time Lapse

    There's a smartphone \ tablet App called Cascable (might be iOS only, not sure) which you can pair with your DSLR and it handles time lapses very nicely.
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    DSLRs not allowed - smartphones fine.

    Why do security guards always come running when they see someone taking pictures with a DSLR but they'll let hundreds of people snap pictures with smartphones?
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    Eating food off the shelf before paying – what Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Spar have to say

    If you say so. Clearly, it has become a more common occurrence these days if we're seeing articles about it.