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  • hi man, as i understand the 8meg line trails are over and done with, i only found out im syncing at 8meg with a random speedtest i did this morning, some pll have had up to 12meg, and 1guy said hes synced at 21meg from a buisness line, something is def up, seems the cpt server is very slow and jhb very fast
    Hi Optimal01

    Sorry to only respond to your message now. I do not visit my profile page very often and only just saw your message.

    First check that you are using the latest firmware. The version I am using is

    Under the "Interface setup" on the 5102G web interface you then need to select "PPPoE/PPPoA" as the encapsulation method. You also need to select "Bridge interface" "Selected" under the PPPoE/PPPoA heading on the same page.

    The rest is straight forward - let the 5102G establish a PPPoE/PPPoA connection to your IS local account and and setup normal dialup connections from each PC that requires international access.
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