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    Samsung vs Huawei vs Apple - The best smartwatch you can buy

    I can attest to the Huawei battery life. I have the Watch GT and with heart rate monitoring always on, I've always had between 2 and 3 weeks of battery life before I have to charge (though I've set mine so that my display only turns on when I flick my wrist or tap it).
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Okay, so not just me. I'm not asking for the world here, I want to put money into my Tyme Account and they obviously don't want it. So disappointing. After a bad experience with Discovery Bank (still fighting with them to close their barely functional account) I'm going to stick with the...
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    Hopelessly bad service. I tried to verify myself at a Tyme Kiosk and it didn't manage it. I called the helpline and their response was I need to register my fingerprints at Home Affairs again. I actually did that for my passport and ID at the beginning of the year and MTN successfully verified...
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    What to know before moving to Discovery Bank

    Worse customer service ever. They have no clue what they're doing and should not be open to customers as its clearly not ready. I've been struggling to close the account I opened with them for a month. If you're thinking about, just don't.
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    Netflix vs Black Binge Elite – Price and content comparison

    There's no way there are 800 series on Binge, you can easily see it on their website. There are probably 800 episodes of series and even that number seems high. Unless they're counting every show that airs on the streaming channels which isn't exactly the same.
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    Replacing a Telkom Modem/Router

    I currently have a Telkom DuoPlus 300WR (I got it with the Telkom 1mb trial in January). I've had disconnection and slow connection issues over the last few days and two weeks ago. The Telkom tech guy just visited me and said the problem was with the modem. Apparently it overheats, I do use it a...
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    OCZ Agility vs. Vertex Plus vs. other SSD

    Well I've decided I'd like to go SSD, I've decided I need about 128gb. I'll be using it to run Windows 7, office software, internet browsing, all my other programs, and games (like Skyrim). I've spotted two options: OCZ Agility for R2100 -...
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    Official Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) Thread

    Well now that the Note is officially available in SA (in the same week that it was globally available in Europe:-) it's time for the Galaxy Note thread. Specs: Information on contracts and stores here...
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    Top TV Prices Increasing And they just sent out a newsletter that confirms it. Is it just me or anyone else seriously considering downgrading or...
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    RIM upset by Steve Jobs lies

    According to a poll on Crackberry 80% of users simply couldn't replicate the problem Apple claims the 9700 has.
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    Whats App - great for IM between iPhone and Blackberry

    Google Talk seems like a better option. And on Blackberry we don't have to log into our IM clients (ever), you have the option of letting the IM client auto login as long as your phone is on.
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    New ADSL Modem/Router?

    We're going to get ADSL but I know nothing about this so I need some help. I'm going to go for a wireless-set-up to connect PC, Nintendo Wii and one or two cell phones. I would like to spend the minimum amount of money here and I've spotted three modems that seem decent...
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    Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or the "Is it really free?" thread

    If I read another 'what's really free?' thread I'm going to scream. So if you're new to BIS read this and hopefully all your questions will be answered (updated from the Bold Tips Thread): To begin I think it's best to answer the usual question of just what the limitations of the Bold are...
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    iPhone 3G Data Usage

    I think it's definitely not worth it.