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  • I've moved away from barely legal - their parents always had an issue for some reason. :confused:

    The zoom is understandable, but the olive oil just seemed a bit excessive...
    Childline suggested suicide and crimestop reckon that me breeding would be the only crime worthy of them getting off their fat, lazy asses to do something about.

    And yes, they have dropped, thank for asking. Happened just last week and your mom was so proud of that moment. She even took a few pics - not sure why though...
    She's obviously only with you for your money. She hot? Any zit issues? If so, ask her the best way to get rid of white-heads.

    Glad to hear you finally got rid of yours and finally got a gf though - plastic surgeons can work miracles these days...
    Tell work it's not playing, it's researching. Is the gf charging an hourly or daily rate btw?
    Hmmm, we'll see - thing is, I only bought it for my studio and so won't be using it as my main computer - my trusty laptop will remain my first choice. Although, I do like the look of the MBP...:eek:
    LOL - I'll stick with my new Nokia for now. I aint an Apple fanboi just yet...:p
    But I might just do that. But please, please don't follow recipes that require you to put cheese in you curry pasta. How about we start off with something simple like making your own pesto and actually cooking the pasta correctly?
    Are you and the microwave going to spend some time apart? Did you miss my pasta recipes I posted the other day?
    Did you read my blog? I think inflation will come down slightly when the new basket weightings come in to affect, however the bailout is likely to fuel global inflation issues again. It might be shortlived and I am pricing in an inflation plateau following the first decrease...
    And JPMorgan in some real k@k as well - seen the exchange rate lately? Fscking scary dude! My money is still on another bank falling before Deutsche, if they do at all - but they were heavily exposed to the fixed income market as well...
    S&P down 6.35%
    Nasdaq down 5.51%
    Dow down 5.2%


    Expect a lot of short trades in the morning - going to be a rocky ride tomorrow - and lots of chances to make some moola - especially on the upside towards the afternoon (hopefully)
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