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  • Traders are buying them, taking a view on the market. I am watching the volumes a lot more these days than any technical analysis...;)
    Well any of the PE companies who had minimal findi exposure are sitting pretty at the moment. However I don't know of a single one right now, at least none that are big enough to warrant a major move. I see some hostile takeovers imminent, on the upswing...
    Do you remember me posting that about 3 months ago already? Has been on the cards for a while but the PE companies are also under massive strain - not very cash rich at the moment and many afraid to take leveraged positions under the current circumstances the last I heard. And what are they effectively taking over? A risky client base and some fixed assets...
    I doubt Deutcsche will cause such a massive drop to 10k, but if it did then by god, can you imagine the bull-run we will have following recovery? Spanish Inquisition anyone?
    I just couldnt believe it if Deutsche fell. But then again, I wouldn't had believed it about the rest of the big boys falling prey. I worked with them all and for a few as well, and for some reason I felt so sad when I watched them go down...
    Yip, but now is the time to start making some money as it will recover - lets just see what time that happens. Luckily I am short at the moment but TBH I dont have much left in the market, its too unpredictable right now. Moved majority to a money market account.

    If I can successfully manage to long some of my findi exposure I might be able to recover some of my dreadful losses from a few weeks ago...:eek:
    Chop avo
    Put bacon in pan
    Put toast in toaster
    Place avo and bacon on toast when done.
    Wow Alf, those culinary skills shine through there bud.

    Hope you didnt burn the toast. Tomorrow's experiment: boiling an egg
    Congrats on the 7k. An achievement worthy of a microwaved pizza cone if you ask me...:p
    Think he's more *your* friend alf101... see, he even impersonates you on HelloPeter!! You know what they say about imitation being the most sincere form of flattery!
    Must be MH. Ever since cotton quality increased, I no longer attempt to rip clothes off.
    My post count is directly related to the number of times I stay sober during the week. Evidence that I have been pissed for most of the last 2 weeks.

    Thanks man...;)
    Correction: better copy. Couldnt care less if it is a copy. As long as it isnt an iPhone...
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