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    The #SaferCarsforAfrica Thread (Global NCAP)

    "Child safety of the Ignis achieved a low score because Suzuki did not recommend a CRS for the test." It's not like parents go and buy child car seats that are recommended by manufacturers anyway. And even some of the recommended seats did not fare well in certain tests. IIRC recently there...
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    Why you should use Google Maps when you know where you're going

    Yes they need to work on that some more. I think the screen on mine is somewhat broader which helps.
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    10x investments

    *2019 Bump* Are 10X RAs good? I never had an RA before, but now I'm looking at getting one as my employer wants to give me an additional % of my salary towards one for retirement... I wanted to sign up with them now but the HelloPeter page is scaring me somewhat. @supersunbird I would...
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    Romans pizza special today only

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    My Laptop Won't Fully Shut Down

    Could be to do with later builds of windows 10 and uefi mode in the bios. I've seem this issue on an older Dell i5. Edit: does this happen only after unig it for hours or does it happen every time?
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    Pokemon themed birthday cake price

    Some places are able print any picture on edible paper (with food ink) , so just stick that onto the cake with some icing...
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    I'm invested in the Google ecosystem. Unless this is 100% compatible with things like Android auto (in my car), Android tv, Android wear (watch) I can't see myself moving tbh.
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    Did you guys know one can switch some of your Mi Home devices on and off via Google home commands? I can say "ok Google" "turn my air purifier on". same with my Xiaomi security cam. Pretty cool.
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    I also have one of these. RE replacement filters. I bought a spare form Mia Africa, they don't list it but I emailed them and they added one to my cart. Was around R500. They only had the anti bacterial version.
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    Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

    I'm due for an upgrade with Telkom mobile but waiting/hoping for pricing to come down a bit. I find it hard justify spending R800pm on a 100 minute contract. Failing that, I may go for the Mate 20 pro or a Note 9 as the new models drops...
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    Bank branches where you can apply for your smart ID card

    BUMP. Just want to check: When applying/getting the new smart ID card, do they take your old green ID book away? Does both remain valid? I am thinking of applying so that I can have a spare in case one is lost...
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    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage...WTF?

    Yeah my laptop runs fine with a 7200 drive. We recently upgraded a mashine to ssd that was dog slow with a 5400 drive.
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    Great smartphones you can get for under R2,000

    If I was looking these I would automatically skip the 1gb ram phones.