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    Spur gets new tech to keep kids safe

    Then good for you. I cant constantly keep my eyes on my kid/s and if something can help to prevent something like this from happening then I am all for it.
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    Spur gets new tech to keep kids safe

    do you have kids?
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    Spur gets new tech to keep kids safe

    Good. This would make me fee safer about taking my kids there.
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    Which mobile provider do you use for your smartphone?

    Telkom and mtn They both had good deals.
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    How many cards are in your purse/ wallet right now?

    I lost most of my cards when I lost my wallet some time back. I now try to make do with digital loyalty cards instead of physical cards. I currently has the following cards in digital/app form: Woolworths Wrewards (you can make a screenshot of the card barcode in the app and they would scan it...
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    Dutch family 'waiting for end of time' discovered in basement

    Sounds like Blast form the past.
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    Induction Charger vs Power Bank Gifts

    Those no name small round power banks? Don't waste your money. I got one at a Dell event some time back. The battery inside was terrible quality and not useful at all because it would not hold its charge. Every time I wanted to use it, it would not have any charge left.
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    Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

    Where did you get yours? Mine didn't come with a screen protector (Telkom). Please let us know how well your glass protector works. I have a few had bad experiences with glass screen protectors on curved screens in the past.
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    EWN'S Barry Bateman apologises unreservedly

    I wonder if that is his personal bank account.
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    Smart bathroom scale

    Hey man, can you tell me if there is any way of exporting or syncing data to other apps? like google fit / myfitnesspal or Samsung health? I read somewhere that the scale only works with the Huawei scale app in the Play Store and it doesn't even talk to the Huawei health app. Is this correct?
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    Google Stadia could be faster than local hardware - Lead engineer

    Sound like it would be a first person movie instead of a FPS :P
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    Watch Gt2 sport now available for pre order

    Re downloading music to local storage... I assume there is no 3rd party support for any music steaming apps e.g Spotify, Play/YouTube music etc?
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    Are there any tech brands you are loyal to?

    I usually look for the best bang for buck... It may be any brand as long as it's good quality at a good price. Love Xiaomi & Huawei at the moment.
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    2016 Suzuki Baleno

    So the changed the front slightly. I can't see any difference other than than. Specs remains the same.
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    Are you planning to get a new smartphone soon?

    No. Just got a P30 Pro 256GB/8GB dual sim so that should be good for another 2 years...